Jasper’s Best Accommodations

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The Mount Robson Inn – Affordable Luxury

Jasper National Park, Alberta

Ah how I do love coming to Jasper. Though Banff is truly beautiful, it is always a breath of fresh air to come to this quaint and peaceful sister town of the Rockies. The sun was going down as I pulled into town on my SunDog bus after the four hour journey from Banff. The snow was cascading down as if it had never been released before and Jasper looked more romantic and appealing that it had ever been before. The only thing that could have improved on my good mood was a top class accommodation and this is exactly where I found myself just insider the town at the Mount Robson Inn.

The Mount Robson is a great choice to stay in Jasper.

The Mount Robson is a great choice to stay in Jasper.

When on vacation, the tone is always set by the first glance at your hotel and more importantly your hotel room. At the Mount Robson, I was welcomed into the lobby by the ever bubbly Joyce and Mount Robson owner Chad Gulevich. Somehow, between them, they managed to give the man with the worst directions in the world everything I needed to know about Jasper! Christmas decorations were in the process of being erected in the lobby as everybody joked along. At times it felt more like a family evening in than a two day stay in a hotel!

I was taken aback when I stepped into my room and temporary residence for two days. My feet were cold and wet from the snow and my body tired from sitting on a bus for so long. I can not explain my happiness at strolling into room 250 and seeing absolute luxury. Though, from the outside, it may not look overly remarkable but much like me, it is what is on the inside that matters most. The bed was big enough to fit 4 fully grown women (in my dreams), the room was heated to perfection, the TV was bigger than some European countries and in general the place had comfort written all over it. Well comfort and romanticism (where are 4 fully grown women when you need them?!)

Aside from the great connecting restaurants, there is also a tempting set of outdoor hot tubs and high speed internet connections in all of the rooms. It really has everything you might need including, of course, the whole reason for your visit – Jasper! It is only a pleasant five minute walk into the town centre. Really it takes even less time to stroll through this centre. Jasper is not exactly renowned as the biggest town in the Rockies. If Banff is the heart and Lake Louise –the face, then Jasper is the soul. The Mount Robson Inn is like a microcosm of Jasper itself. Welcoming, pretty, romantic and peaceful.

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