Shopping in Jasper

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Jasper National Park, Alberta

Banff has the reputation in the Rockies as the place to go to part with your hard earned cash in the many stores around but Jasper is no push over when it comes to shopping. Anything you may want from jewellery to teddy bears – you can buy in this little town and trust me it is so romantic a place that you will want to take something away with you as a reminder.

Jasper has a great selection of shops to choose from.

Jasper has a great selection of shops to choose from.

There are three main shopping locations in Jasper. The first is on Connaught Drive, Patricia Street is the second and the third main option is the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. A trip up to the Fairmont is a day out in itself. Cafes, clothes shops and activities are just a few of the things you can do. If the weather is benign, consider taking the back route up past Lac Beauvert to the hotel. It makes you feel like you really deserve some window shopping and a coffee.

As I mentioned Jasper is the sort of magical town that makes you want to take home a keepsake. Ammolite Jewellery is found in abundance around the Rockies and Jasper is a great place to pick up something special for a loved one. There are some truly fantastic oil and water paintings to be found so you never have to leave the landscape of the Rockies behind. Many people can be tricked by the weather of the Rockies. Somehow no one really expects the winter to be as cold as it is and no one expects the summer to be as warm as it is. It’s a great excuse to shop around in the many stores for a whole new wardrobe.

Regardless if you find yourself in Banff, Lake Louise or in this tiny gem of a town they call Jasper, you will end of partaking in a spot of shopping. Check out our new shopping section for more details!

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