The Dead Dog Bar, Jasper

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Jasper National Park, Alberta

If it wasn’t so cold in winter in Jasper, I would probably just walk around the little town all day. It is equally as beautiful as Banff though quieter and quainter. Whether you have been out skiing on Marmot all day or hiking during the summer, everybody deserves a beer at the end of a long day of enjoying yourself. There are some great choices around Jasper with excellent views but for pure atmosphere and a great pint of your favorite beer, the local’s choice is the Dead Dog Bar next door to the Astoria.

Everybody deserves a beer after a day hiking in Jasper.

Everybody deserves a beer after a day hiking in Jasper.

It is a country themed bar and though there is nothing exceptional about the Dead Dog, it has spirit in abundance. The staff is super friendly and in a town like Jasper where everyone is friendly – this means a lot. There is a great selection of beers to choose from both draft and bottled. There are big screens all over the place where you can watch whatever sports are the flavor of the day. There is an area where you can play darts that becomes quite addictive after a while.

It is a really spacious bar so when you come in with a big crew, there is always space for more. It is easy to forget the time as you while away the hours in the Dead Dog. It makes it easier of course if you live next door in the Astoria Hotel! When you take a trip up to Jasper and you feel like a beer, you should definitely take the time to step into the Dead Dog for a pint.

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