Three Great Natural Beauties of Jasper


Jasper National Park, Alberta

If the Greeks knew about the Canadian Rockies back in the day of philosophizing, I am sure they would have thought this is where Zeus and the rest of the Gods would choose to call home. There are so many incredible natural beauties among Lake Louise, Banff and Jasper that to see them all, it would take you a lifetime. On a recent trip to Jasper, I only had time to tick three more off the list and I am already looking back on them with nostalgia.

Mount Edith Cavell reflecting on Edith Cavell Lake.

Mount Edith Cavell reflecting on Edith Cavell Lake.

Sunwapta Falls

These stunning waterfalls are only 55km from Jasper town and they are completely worth the trip. The Stoney Nation named these falls with the word Sunwapta meaning Turbulent River in their language. A more appropriate description is hard to think of. The waters collapse into a deep canyon below with incredible force. In winter, it is a completely different experience as the falls freeze making for one of the best photographs you are likely to take.

Mount Edith Cavell

Mount Edith Cavell is 3,368 metres of beautiful mountain. Named after the selfless English nurse from the First World War, it is situated only 18 miles from Jasper Town. It can get pretty busy in summer so try and make the trip early in the morning if you are looking for a more peaceful walk.

Miette Hot Springs

These Hot Springs are the hottest in the Canadian Rockies as 53.9 degrees Celsius. You can really spend a full day out here. There are two hot pools, two cool pools, café, hiking trail, a picnic area and even accommodation. If you need to relax, I can’t think of anywhere better in the Rockies.

If you are planning a trip to Banff and especially to the Columbia Icefields, there is no way you can miss out Jasper. There is something about this place whether during the beautiful summers or the snowy romantic winters. These are only three of the natural beauties. There are tons more in this quaint National Park.

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