Top 5 Things to do in Jasper

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Jasper National Park, Alberta

Originally when I sat in a café in Jasper writing this list, it was supposed to be top 3 things to do in Jasper but the more days I passed in this little gem of a town, I realized that I would need more paper. Though Jasper gets millions of tourists a year, I still see it as an untouched beauty. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

Jasper Tramway

This is one of the easiest (laziest) ways to get the best views around town. Two tram cars zip up and down the mountain to the height of 8,200ft where you are met by a licensed restaurant and some great hiking trails. Do not leave Jasper without trying this.

The more peaceful part of the Athabasca river.

The more peaceful part of the Athabasca river.


Yes it may be a bit cold right now but when the spring hits again, there is nothing like setting off down the Athabasca with nothing between you and the raging waters but a raft. This is a great way to spot wildlife grazing at the side of the river without disturbing them.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Jasper has always been great for skiing but this year Marmot has got phenomenal snow. It’s going to be a great winter to ski. Marmot has 84 runs and over 1600 acres of terrain to show off your skills.

Athabasca Falls

If you are looking for the photo opportunity that will make everyone at home jealous, head here to the Athabasca Falls. It is the spot where the Athabasca River meets a narrow gorge and the result is so powerful, it will take your breath away.


I love golfing under any circumstances but the Stanley Thomson designed course at the Jasper Park Lodge is something else. Aside from the beautiful fairways and greens, there is also the added bonus of the best scenery in the world and the wildlife being the hazards!

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