Gateway to the Canadian Rockies – Calgary’s Devonian Gardens

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Devonian Gardens – closed until early 2010

Calgary, Alberta

By John McKiernan
Staff Writer

It seems a bit of a tease to write about such beautiful gardens as the Devonian Gardens without being able to see them in the near future. Unfortunately for visitors who were hoping to take a trip to see the beautiful Devonian Gardens, you will be disappointed. The beauties of Banff and the other National Parks will have to suffice as the Gardens will be closed for 18 months since August 30 2008 for some much needed renovations.

The gorgeous (but temporarily closed) Devonian Gardens.

The gorgeous (but temporarily closed) Devonian Gardens.

However, the plants will continue to be maintained on site but all of the fish and turtles have been moved elsewhere while construction is taking place to maintain their ingnorant bliss. However, the Gardens that were originally opened 30 years ago will re-open better than ever in early 2010 for the patient traveler. Set in the middle of the city, this indoor rooftop garden spans three acres and is home to a paradise of waterfalls, ponds, fish, turtles, trees and thousands of plants. There are bronze statues that stand proud amongst the beautiful setting. There is a playground for the kids and during winter, there is an awesome rooftop winter skating rink.

Although it may still be a few months from completion, if you are booking a 2010 holiday, make sure to consider the Devonian Gardens in your schedule. It is well worth it.

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