Kicking Horse River Whitewater Rafting: Let’s Promote, Preserve and Protect

There is nothing like whitewater rafting BC and Alberta’s Kicking Horse River. Friends of The Kicking Horse River is a local Banff, Alberta group here to promote whitewater rafting while protecting a river that is vital to the provinces of Alberta and BC and to Canada.

Friends of The Kicking Horse River was formed by outdoor adventure residents of BC and Banff as well as local raft guides who cherish the river for rafting, its ecology and wildlife. We love BC and The Candian Rockies. Rafting in the Canadian Rockies is a way of life for many rafting guides. And we need to protect this river and take care of it.

The Kicking Horse River is located in the Canadian Rockies, boasting British Columbia’s and Albert’s best white water rafting adventures.

The Kicking Horse, a river named in 1858, connects through the Rockies to the valley of the Bow River. The Trans-Canada Highway traverses the Kicking Horse at several points as it goes west from Yoho National Park to Golden, British Columbia.

The Kicking Horse River offers the excitement of white water rafting, as well as a rich history, along with incredible scenery. The Kicking Horse River is also blessed with an abundance of wildlife along its banks. The morning section of the Kicking Horse begins in Yoho National Park and offers prime wildlife viewing.

When rafting The Kicking Horse River, raft with certified, approved whitewater rafting companies, who care about green tourism as much as they care about giving you a rafting adventure.

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