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Hiking in Dolomite PassBanff National Park is one of the Earth’s great protected areas, as recognized by its inclusion in a World Heritage Site. Although transportation corridors and population centres fall within its 6641 square kilometre territory, the park nevertheless offers many, many rewarding walks, hikes, backpacks, and off-trail scrambles.

The wilderness within Banff National Park shelters and supports a wide variety of wild animal and plant life. The park encompasses the range of the Canadian Rockies’ inspiring landscapes, from towering mountains to tiny tarns. The story of the park includes tales of colourful characters and extraordinary exploits.

This guidebook invites you to experience firsthand the many aspects of this fascinating area by venturing onto some of the more than 1100 kilometres of trails described. Enjoy, appreciate, and pass on your enthusiasm for the intrinsic qualities of this wildscape…all the while being aware of keeping any damage to an absolute minimum.

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