Humour in the Workplace...

Surely You Can't Be Serious!

Did you know humour in the workplace can improve productivity, reduce down time, reduce stress, improve customer service, increase creativity, improve morale, strengthen teamwork, enhance communication, and improve the coffee in your office? (Okay, it may not improve the coffee. What do you want - a miracle?)

Michael Kerr believes strongly in the power of humour to teach, inspire, and motivate staff in organizations. His talks and workshops draw upon years of research into the benefits of humour, as well as his own experience as a communications manager, humourist and humour author.

Humour in the Workplace programs are fast paced, entertaining, interactive and full of practical tips you can take back to your work.You'll discover the relationships between humour and health, stress, and creativity. And you’ll learn dozens of tried and tested ways to add a spice of humour to your office.

Workshop Topics Include:

  • The Humour Advantage - 15 reasons to take humour seriously
  • Laughter as the Best Medicine - Laughing for the health of it
  • Humour as a Stress Buster - Smiling your way to less stress
  • Using Humour as a Creative Spark - Fire up your brain power with humour
  • Humour in Presentations - Use humour to reach your audience more effectively
  • How to Manage Inappropriate Humour - Setting limits when it's not funny
  • The Good Humour Plan - Guiding principles for a humourous approach
  • 30+ Ways to Put Humour to Work - Add humour to your office environment, meetings, training programs, awards ceremonies, and daily routine

Program Options:

One hour talks: A fast paced introduction to humour in the workplace including dozens of ways to add the humour ingredient into your business mix.

Half day & full day workshops: Includes group brainstorm sessions, resource materials and the opportunity to develop customized humour programs for your specific workplace. Lengths can be adjusted to suit your scheduling needs.

Humour Hikes: This program is now available in walk format! Get inspired by the spectacular Rocky Mountains while learning about humour at work and the local area.

Combination packages are available with Managing Your Creativity workshops.


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