Big White Ski Resort

Where: Kelowna, British Columbia
Reservations: 1-800-663-2772
Snow Phone: 250-765-7669
Official Site: Click here!
Average Snowfall: 24.5 ft (750 cm)
Vertical: 2,550 ft (777 m)

Description of the Ski Area:

Big White Ski Resort… the pride of British Columbia’s snow rich Okanagan Valley. Situated only 40 minutes by air from Vancouver. Big White enjoys some of the biggest and best snowfalls available to ski resorts worldwide.

Here you will find over 100 ski runs and glade areas spread out over 2,075 acres of skiing and riding terrain. From treed runs and open bowls to snowboard parks and natural pipes, Big White is a hit with skiers and riders alike. There’s every kind of run for every level of skier and rider.

Lift Prices:

Adult – (19-64) Price in $CDN – not inc. GST


Day 52
Afternoon 40
Night 18
pm/night 52 6
day/night 58 12
Youth – (13-18) Price in $CDN – not inc. GST


Day 44
Afternoon 33
Night 18
pm/night 44 7
day/night 50 12
Junior – (6-12) Price in $CDN – not inc. GST


Day 27
Afternoon 21
Night 15
pm/night 27 9
day/night 33 9
Senior – (65-69) Price in $CDN – not inc. GST


Day 36
Afternoon 27
Night 15
pm/night 36 6
day/night 42 9

Distance from Banff: 320 mi (541 km)
Distance from Calgary: 407 mi (651 km)
Summary Notes:

Big White has nine ski lifts, including four state-of-the-art detachable express lifts and a mix of triple and twin chairs. Lift lines are virtually non-existent, as up to 17,800 skiers per hour can be whisked up to heights of 7,500 ft (2,286 m).

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