Lake Louise

Where: Lake Louise, Alberta
Reservations: 1-800-258-7669
Snow Phone: 403-244-6665
Official Site:

Average Snowfall: 142 in (360 cm)

Vertical: 3250 feet

Description of the Ski Area:

Both the terrain and lift system at Lake Louise are unsurpassed. The area is spread over four faces of three distinct mountains, and lifts and lodges are designed according to the European “ski circus” concept of going ‘somewhere” as you ski. The ski experience is thus one of constant discovery of new delights, and best of all, because there is at least one easy way down from every chair, the entire huge complex is available to skiers of all abilities.

2002 Lift Prices:



Student Senior **


Full Day $59.00 $47.00 $15.00
Half Day (after 12:00pm) $47.00 $39.00 $15.00
Afternoon (after 1:30pm) $38.00 $31.00 $12.00
Late Day (after 2:30pm.) $30.00 $24.00 $10.00

* All prices subject to change. All prices in Canadian dollars. Add 7% GST. (Approx. $1.00 US = $1.40 CDN)

Distance from Banff: 36 miles (60 km)

Distance from Calgary: 100 miles (154 km)

Summary Notes:

Lake Louise’s Continental Divide climate eliminates most of the risks that can sabotage a ski holiday, providing consistent temperatures and an ample supply of dry, fluffy powder. Mid-winter “meltdowns” are not a concern, and the ski season lasts a full six months, from early November to early May. Our sunniest south facing slopes are supplemented by one of the world’s largest snow-making systems, and Mother Nature handles the rest – lavishly. When it is snowing, visibility remains good on our plentiful below tree-line terrain.

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