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Special Canadian Rockies Dude Ranch Vacations


Enjoy a specialty theme week on a Canadian Rockies dude ranch

Canadian Rockies dude ranches offer tons of opportunities for your cowboy adventure vacation. But Three Bars Ranch takes things a step further with specialty weeks, focused on themes that create special vacations. Find them below.

Woman’s Only Week, May 30 – June 5

The Three Bars Ranch main lodge.

Ladies, find your “inner cowgirl” at Three Bars Ranch this summer! Great for friends, your mothers and daughters, sisters, or for individual travelers that want to come out and make some new friends. The women at the Three Bars Ranch have put together an amazing week designed just for our cowgirls. Naturally, you’ll have all the horse time you want, with some special time just to help you connect with your horse with lessons. When you’re not riding, there’ll be local wine tasting, a cooking class and a fun shopping trip.

Cattle Drive Weeks, June 13- 19 and September 5 – 11

Just about every adult was once a kid who dreamed of life on the ranch. Twice a year Three Bars Ranch invites guests to join Three Bars cow boss Terry Knudson and the rest of the Three Bars wranglers on a real western cattle drive. Three Bars is home to 150 cows on a summer range with pastures from 20,000 acres to 40,000 acres in size. This, ladies and gents, is a real ranch. Summers, the cattle are out on the open range. In order to keep the cattle on fresh grass, every six weeks they’re rounded up and moved to a new pasture. This is where you come in. Come along on a Three Bars cattle drive and get ranch experience you’ve always dreamed of.

Calgary Stampede, July 9 – 18

Every July, Calgary hosts the biggest, best rodeo in the world, the Calgary Stampede. The Stampede is 10 exciting days of rodeo, music, chuck wagon racing, and carnivals. Three Bars Ranch is just 4.5 hours from the spectacle, and along the way you’ll see beautiful Banff National Park. The Calgary Stampede is an exciting way to open or close your Canadian Rockies dude ranch vacation, and Three Bars can help set up your tour of it.

Cranbook Pro Rodeo, August 13, 14, 15

In August Cranbrook, British Columbia hosts the Pro Rodeo Circuit on Friday and Saturday night, with a Sunday afternoon show. Three Bars especially recommends the Friday night rodeo to wrap up your Rockies dude ranch vacation. Guests arriving August 15 can get to town a little early and spend Sunday afternoon taking in a rodeo before checking in at Three Bars Ranch, which is only 10 minutes away.

Family vacations at Canadian Rockies Dude Ranches


Find your family adventure vacation at a Canadian Rockies dude ranch

If you want to do something different on your family vacation, check out a Canadian Rockies dude Ranch. They offer all the activities you would want out of family vacation, organized and available in one cozy location, keeping your family together and happy on your dude ranch vacation.

Canadian Rockies dude ranches are excellent for families.

A great dude ranch for families looking to vacation in the Canadian Rockies is the Three Bars Guest & Cattle Ranch in Cranbrook, British Columbia. Let your kids be kids in the wide open space of the ranch, where they can go horseback riding, catch critters and enjoy a classic s’more roasted on a campfire.

But Three Bars doesn’t just cater to the kids, but to the whole family.

“What’s unique about our program is that we allow people to do everything as a family,” says Tyler Beckly whose family has run the Three Bars Ranch for three generations. “You can go on family rides, hike together and river raft together. Or the kids are welcome to join a riding program while the adults choose another activity, or an adult-only ride. We are small so that we can allow for custom vacations.”

In place of specific kids programs, kids on Three Bars usually tend to build their own program, as Tyler explains.

“Usually on Monday the families ride together, and the kids stick with their parents,” he says. “By Tuesday the kids have ditched their parents and are off doing things together.”

Because there are typically several families staying at Three Bars at any given time, Beckly says there’s usually several kids around the same age, and because guests staying in the Three Bars cabins can take advantage of their activities programs, the families, and the kids, tend to mingle and become friends.

And Three Bars offers a wide range of activities, ensuring that everyone will be able to vacation together, and do some of the activities that they enjoy as individuals. That includes parents, of course.

“There’s not many places where you can ride together as a family in the morning, all have lunch together, dad plays a round of golf in the afternoon, mom goes riding, and the kids go on a raft trip, and everybody’s back together for dinner, and then maybe they get together for an evening activity,” says Beckly.

Kids must be at least 6 to participate in riding and activities programs, but they’re are welcome at the ranch. There’s an outside play area and petting zoo for them to enjoy feeding sheep and goats and gathering eggs. Three Bars wranglers can lead them around the arena on horseback, with a parent beside to make them comfortable.

Visit the Three Bars site, or call them at (877)-426-5230 and be sure to check out their specialty weeks.

Take a Canadian Rockies Cowboy Vacation on a Dude Ranch


Dude ranches are excellent for Canadian Rockies adventure vacations

If you’re interested in an adventure vacation with a cowboy twist, you should definitely consider a Canadian Rockies dude ranch vacation. Dude ranches are great places to experience a wide range of activities, and are excellent for families, groups or individuals.

Adventure is charging your way at Canadian Rockies dude ranches.

Vacationers tend to imagine dude ranches as being a place to go strictly for horseback riding. They are, naturally, good for this, but some dude ranches in the Canadian Rockies offer more. The Three Bars Guest & Cattle Ranch in Cranbrook, British Columbia is a good example.  Guests here can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, tennis, river rafting and lots more. Now that’s the way to see the Canadian Rockies.

Tyler Beckly, whose family has been running the ranch for three generations notes that, “One-third of our visitors have never ridden a horse in their life.”  So they may not want to spend a whole vacation riding horses. But Tyler’s trained guides, or “wranglers,” guide almost any Canadian Rockies activity you’re interested in.

Tyler notes Canmore happens to be a golfers paradise.

“We’ve got five courses with 15 minutes of the ranch,” he says. “There’s great golf right here.”

And whether you’ve been doing Canadian Rockies adventure activities your whole life, or are new to the experience, Three Bars Guest & Cattle Ranch is dedicated to helping you get comfortable, have fun, and learn a little bit too. The Three Bars Ranch wranglers are all Dude Ranchers Association certified when it comes to horse activities, so you know you’re in good hands.

Beyond activities, you’l get a chance to mellow out in front of a campfire, in a hot tub or in the heated pool. At the main lodge you can participate in group activities. Guests stay in private cabins.

Three Bars Guest Ranch is perfectly located between Banff National Park and Glacier Park. This part of the Canadian Rockies offers quiet nature, pristine water, idyllic meadows and unbeatable mountain views.

Visit the Three Bars site, or call them at (877)-426-5230, and check out their specialty weeks.