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Weekend Weddings in Banff and the Canadian Rockies

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Is it any wonder that weekend weddings in Banff and the rest of the Canadian Rockies are becoming increasingly more popular? Weekend weddings allow family and friends to gather for an unforgettable celebration with plenty of activity.

The main idea is for your loved ones to get to know one another and to have fun. You don’t need a tropical location to keep your guests entertained and feeling loved either. There are many fabulous places in the Canadian Rockies to be married, including the destinations of Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise and Jasper.

Not only are these destinations breathtakingly beautiful, they offer unlimited promise of adventure and activity. These locations are known for their picturesque beauty and incredible year round, adventurous activities such as skiing, hiking, mountain biking, rafting and so much more!

A weekend wedding can be as casual or as extravagant as you’d like. It can take place at a lake or cabin, a beautiful mountain resort or just about anywhere. There are a wide variety of hotels and lodging in the Canadian Rockies to choose from. In general, the wedding weekend begins with a welcoming activity such as a casual barbeque or dinner.

The following morning typically involves various activities such as a round of golf or a white water rafting excursion. Then everyone comes together for the wedding ceremony and reception which are usually a little later in the day in order to accommodate the various activities. Sometimes, the party will linger well into the evening with various festivities, followed by a farewell brunch to wrap up the weekend.

Of course, you’ll want to personalize the activities based on the location you choose and your interests. Sharon Auld, wedding planner and owner of Naturally Chic suggests a weekend wedding at either Emerald Lake Lodge or at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

Both these locations are idyllic for action packed weekend extravaganzas that don’t have to break the bank. Auld suggests a “camping style” wedding at Emerald Lake complete with a welcome barbecue, canoe rides, a campfire, and smores? In winter, a weekend wedding at the Lake Louise Ice Castle would certainly be memorable for wedding guests. “Activities could include skating on the frozen lake, sleigh rides, skiing and a hot chocolate / espresso bar at your reception”.

Or, maybe an elegant castle in the mountains such as the Fairmont Banff Springs is more your style, where your guests could enjoy golfing, sightseeing, fine dining and a visit to the spa. Whatever your style or taste, a weekend wedding is a sure way for you and your loved ones to bond. Standard wedding etiquette does not necessitate that the couple pay for all the activities either. It’s common for various family members to host an activity.

Oftentimes it’s enough to just arrange the activities or provide information on activities that your guests can partake in. Most guests attending a weekend wedding will want to get out and experience the sites anyway. Most will treat your wedding as a mini-vacation or getaway weekend and they’ll appreciate having something to do. There’s also plenty of activities such as a nature walk or hike that don’t require any expense at all.

The key to a weekend wedding notes Auld is to “provide plenty of activities that appeal to all your guests young and old. Just don’t over-schedule your guests’ itinerary. It’s important to provide down times for your guests so they can explore the area or just relax in their hotel room. There’s really no better way to show your guests how much you care about them then by spending quality time with them. The immense value of a weekend wedding is that everyone feels appreciated and valued.”

With so many fabulous locations and activities to choose from, you can be sure that your weekend wedding in the Canadian Rockies will be unique, personal and an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Weddings in the Canadian Rockies from a Helicopter

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Celebrate your Canadian Rockies Wedding from a Height

Canmore, Alberta

Sometimes you get the feeling that a blog is going to be full of puns before a word is even written. Well if you have no prior engagements and want to propel yourself into married life with a romantic helicopter trip in the Canadian Rockies, then there is no better place than well-groomed Canmore. If the idea of having your new spouse dangling from the edge of a helicopter before any pre nuptials are signed is too tempting, then maybe celebrations are best kept to the ground. However, jokes aside, there are few things more romantic and memorable than to float above the most stunning mountain range in the world with the person you have just promised to spend the rest of your life (4-7 years) with.

The views of Canmore and Banff National Park from a helicopter are unforgettable.

The views of Canmore and Banff National Park from a helicopter are unforgettable.

There are a few different companies to choose from in Canmore alone. One that offers the most diversity pricewise and time-wise is Kananaskis Heli Tours. Whether you simply want a quick peek at the peaks of the Canadian Rockies from above or something even more unique, you will find it here. Considering the hope is that you will only be married once, you may we well make your honeymoon as special as possible and it doesn’t come any more special than the Romance Package that Kananaskis Heli Tours offer.

The Romance Package is for people celebrating anniversaries, proposals, weddings or any special occasion really. It is a private helicopter experience with a one hour champagne stop in the wilderness. Aside from taking a hot air balloon across the pyramids in Egypt, I find it hard to imagine a more romantic gesture. Also this way you don’t have to worry about drifting over any borders with angry, confused soldiers on the ground!

The Canadian Rockies is a big healthy, welcoming, naturally beautiful wonderland. It is exactly the right place to celebrate a wedding. There is something about being in a helicopter that makes you feel small and appreciative of the things you have. If you have just been married, the most important thing (don’t call her a thing) will be sitting right beside you.

Honeymooning in the Canadian Rockies

Banff and Canmore, Alberta

By Paul Peters

One of the biggest advantages to having your wedding here in the Canadian Rockies: your honeymoon can begin the moment you get here.
The Canadian Rockies, with places like Banff National Park, Jasper National Park and towns like Canmore, Lake Louise, Banff and Jasper, can provide newly weds with a beautiful, inspiring, and fun way to begin their lives together.

Banff is a beautiful and romantic place for weddings and honeymoons.

Banff is a beautiful and romantic place for weddings and honeymoons.

Amira Harris, wedding planner and owner of Posh Productions, notes that there are a lot of the traditional things available for couples who want to pamper themselves on their honeymoon.
“Hot springs, spas, mud baths, hot stone massages, there are all sorts of spas that can really take care of you,” she says.
Once you feel good and relaxed, there’ll be plenty to keep you busy.
“For anyone who’s never been to the Rockies, you wouldn’t have to try hard to find something to do,” Harris says. “You could keep yourself busy for quite a few days out here.”
Banff and Jasper National Parks offer amazing outdoor activities, such as horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, climbing, backpacking, whitewater rafting and skiing. There are also great guided tours, including heli-tours, motorcycle tours, hiking and driving tours.
All those activities are bound to whet your appetite, and the restaurants of the Canadian Rockies are ready to deliver everything from a great pizza and beer to the finest wine and seafood. And of course, the accommodations here are unsurpassed.
In the Canadian Rockies, it is truly possible to have a first-class honeymoon, while saving time on traveling to some far-away destination, and saving a little money too.

Wedding guest activities in the Canadian Rockies

Wedding guest activities in Banff, Canmore and the Canadian Rockies

Unless you’re doing a Canadian Rockies elopement, chances are you’ve got a number of guests with a little time on their hands, tapping you on the shoulder and wondering what they should with their free time in and around Banff National Park. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, by planning ahead, you can make sure your guests get the most out of their Canadian Rockies trip, and make your wedding more fun at the same time.

With activities like the gondola ride straight out of Banff, your guests will have the time of their lives.

With activities like the gondola ride straight out of Banff, your guests will have the time of their lives.

Bonding experience

Ciara Daykin, wedding planner and owner of Firefly Occasions, suggests the bride and groom plan group activities for guests, “So your guests all feel like they are friends by the time the wedding actually happens.” She notes that guests will want to get out and experience the Canadian Rockies anyway, and by planning group activities, the bride and groom can create a bonding experience for their guests without incurring extra cost. “You don’t have to pay for everything, you just have to have it organized,” she says.

Get organized

Daykin recommends setting up two separate trips that will appeal to a broad range of guests, say whitewater rafting and guided sight seeing. Afterward, she says it’s good to have reservations made at a local restaurant, where your guests can get together and talk about their day over a great meal. “There are phenomenal restaurants in and around Banff,” she notes. “These places know how to cater to a large group.”

Below, you’ll find a list of information to help you and your guests plan their stay in the Canadian Rockies.


Everyone in your wedding party should be able to find the right accommodations, whether they need a castle, a cabin, or are happy to have a hotel room, you’ll find it all listed in our accommodations section.


If your guests complain that they’re bored on their trip to the Canadian Rockies you’d better check their pulse. There is no shortage of hikes, drives, sights, tours and other activities to keep them busy, entertained, and out of your hair during their stay in the Canadian Rockies.


At some point your guests are going to get hungry during their stay in the Banff and Canmore area, and you may not be able to satisfy them all. Click here to see a listing of restaurants in the Canadian Rockies that are as varied, and awesome, as the peaks that grace the skyline.

Quick clicks

Click any of the links below for fast access to fun in the Canadian Rockies.



Helicopter Tours

Sight Seeing



Marriage, Canadian Rockies style

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Banff, Alberta and the Canadian Rockies offer the most visually stunning weddings locations of any destination in the world. A wedding in Banff National Park will be memorable for you and your guests.

Just imagine a wedding with beautiful Lake Louise in the background, or perhaps feeling the warm embrace of that special someone on top of a mountain after you were swept to the top in a helicopter.

The power and tranquility of the mountains in and around Banff and Lake Louise provide the most awe inspiring environment, ensuring your wedding will last in your memories for a lifetime. When it comes time to make that commitment to each other, enjoy the moment in the Canadian Rockies, Banff National Park and Lake Louise.

Banff National Park – From Canmore to Lake Louise we have the best locations!


Peak Photography/Highland Photography

Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Canmore, Alberta is as convenient of a weddings destination as it is scenic. Only 75 minutes from Calgary International Airport, the town of Canmore itself is located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, just one hour and fifteen minutes from the Calgary International Airport.

Canmore is a vibrant town that has an eclectic mix of real Canadian residents and tourists. Canmore is more of a “real” town in comparison to Banff and Jasper. Here you can find local pubs and true local restaurant flavor as well as off beat shopping. Many repeat travelers often lodge and stay in Canmore since it is so close to Banff.

Canmore is a small mining town that has grown from a silent mountain jewel to a worldwide destination known for its unsurpassed beauty and multitude of outdoor activities.

Banff, Alberta – Canada’s first national park is famous for its natural hot springs and magnificent mountain landscape. Banff is a photographer’s paradise. It is located only 1.5 hrs from the Calgary International Airport and thirty minutes west of Canmore.

Lake Louise, Alberta – This small mountain community is framed by stunning mountains, breath-taking glaciers and beautiful turquoise waters. Lake Louise is one of the most famous backdrops for weddings. This village is not known for any nightlife and shopping and restaurant opportunities are sparse.

Located 2 hrs west on Highway Number 1. Enroute from Calgary you will pass by the town of Canmore and Banff.

Transportation services are plentiful and easy from Calgary to most areas around Banff. Ground connections to Canmore, Banff and Lake Louise include shuttle service, limousines and rental cars. You will be traveling on the Trans Canada number one highway. This scenic drive will take you from gentle foothills to the awe inspiring mountains of the Canadian Rockies. We recommend using Jasper Vacations.

Weddings in the Banff area is more than just being married in splendid scenery with awe inspiring mountains in the background, it’s about enjoying a life experience with that special someone. There is nothing like the Canadian Rockies.

Wedding sites in the Canadian Rockies, Banff and Canmore

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Where to wed in and around Banff and Canmore

by Paul Peters Editor

If there’s any difficulty presented by getting married in Banff or Canmore, or anywhere in the Canadian Rockies for that matter, it’s narrowing down a choice of location. You can pretty much get married anywhere you want to inside of Banff National Park, and Canmore has no shortage of beautiful sites either.

So where to start?

Banff National Park offers some of the best wedding aisles in the world.

Banff National Park offers some of the best wedding aisles in the world.

Here at we’ve spoken to some of our local wedding experts and gotten their opinions on some of the best locations in the Banff and Canmore area.

John Stewart, a wedding photographer out of Banff, sets the scene for just how difficult it can be to choose your Canadian Rockies wedding spot.

“There’s literally hundreds of ideal places,” he says. “There is not just one perfect location. It all depends on what you want.”

Stewart notes that, “Anyone can get married in the Canadian Rockies on any budget,” and that, “If you are organized, any location in the Rockies can be ideal.”

That said, we’ve still got a few recommendations for you.

Local wedding commissioner Patricia Compton says that she often favors Canmore as a place to get married.

“It has several locations with incredible views,” says Compton.

Quarry Lake, just a few minutes drive out of Canmore, is one of her favorites.

“It has a 360 degree view,” she says. “It’s beautiful any direction you look, and it’s an easy spot to get to for both the young and old.”

For larger groups, she recommends the Tunnel Mountain Meadow in the town of Banff.

For a beautiful, yet easily accessible place, Compton advises taking the Sulfur Mountain Goldola right from the town of Banff.

“It takes you right to the top, and it’s easy to get to,” she says.

The Gondola ride takes only eight minutes, offering amazing views of the Canadian Rockies all the way up. It lets you off at a height of 2,281m (7,486 ft), providing inexpensive and amazing backdrops of the surrounding mountains for your wedding.

Lauren Laming, a wedding planner, loves the ice castle that is built on Lake Louise every winter after it is frozen over.
“It’s an absolutely magical place to have a wedding,” she says.

Banff and Canmore offer no shortage of mountain summits as a backdrop, or site, for your wedding.

Banff and Canmore offer no shortage of mountain summits as a backdrop, or site, for your wedding.

The chef at the Chateau Lake Louise builds the castle out of solid ice every year out on the lake, providing a dream-like setting among the natural beauty surrounding Lake Louise.

For a summer wedding, Laming mentioned Two Jack Lake, a short drive from Banff in the park.

“It’s beautiful, with lots of wilderness as a back drop,” she says, noting that the site also offers the chance to see elk and bighorn sheep.

Laming also recommended Quarry Lake, both because of its beauty, and because it can accommodate much larger weddings than most locations inside Banff National Park.

The Juniper Hotel & Bistro in Banff is also a trendy place to do a mid-sized wedding. In Banff, the Buffalo Mountain Lodge built a special building called the wapiti that can be used as a venue. It’s a big room with an open timber ceiling and a huge stone fireplace.

Another suggestion for a venue is the Emerald Lake Lodge and the Num-Ti-Ja Lodge on Bow Lake as places a little of the beaten path. A little more rustic, this place is built for the nature lovers, the people that want to get away a little bit.

Want more options for your Canadian Rockies wedding? Bookmark this page, as we’ll continue to update it with more information on wedding locations.

Mixing marriage and pleasure in Banff and Canmore, Canadian Rockies

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Adventure weddings

by Paul Peters Editor

Canmore and Banff are well known for having some of the best terrain for outdoor adventure in the Canadian Rockies, which is why this is area is perfect to have an adventure wedding.
“Adventure wedding” is not a term you’ll find in your Webster’s, so we’ll loosely define it as a wedding that takes you out of any traditional wedding sites, to somewhere wild, possibly involving a recreational activity, and maybe even an adrenaline rush. Specifically, we’re talking about weddings performed on skis, in white water rafts, after hikes, climbs or a long dog sled ride. You get the idea.

Could this be the site for your adventure wedding?

Could this be the site for your adventure wedding?

So how exactly do you arrange an adventure wedding?

Rick Kunelius is a good place to start. Kunelius is a marriage commissioner out of Banff whose motto is “I’ll marry you… anywhere.”
Saying you’re capable of marrying someone anywhere in a park as wild as Banff is pretty bold, but Kunelius is certainly qualified. Before becoming a commissioner in 1994, he spent more than twenty years in the Canadian National Parks Warden Service doing mountain rescues, avalanche control, law enforcement, backcountry horse patrol, and wildlife management. During his last ten years with the service, he was the Senior Wildlife Warden for Banff National Park.
Since becoming a commissioner, he’s helicoptered, skied, climbed, hiked and ridden sleighs, horses, and dog sleds to wedding sites.
“You can get married anywhere you can put five people,” he says. “Really.”
His only qualifying statement, that five people are needed, refers to the commissioner, the two witnesses, and (obviously) the couple to be married. If you can get these five people somewhere, you can get married there. Chances are, Kunelius won’t put much limit on your imagination.
The most extreme example of his willingness to wed is a marriage Kunelius performed on the summit of 11,000 ft. Mount Hector at 8 am.
“We did the climb at night,” Kunelius says.
“We were on ropes at the top, and at 8 am they leaned back over the edge with several thousand feet behind them, and I performed the ceremony.”

Maybe your perfect wedding will take place on a mountain top. © John Marriott

Maybe your perfect wedding will take place on a mountain top. © John Marriott

Married, with dogs

Of course, climbing mountains at night isn’t for everyone, but if you have a passion for outdoor recreation, there’s probably a way to get married while you play.
Patricia Compton, a marriage commissioner out of Canmore, Alberta, says her favorite recreation weddings are on dog sleds in the Spray Lakes area.
“They just take the couple out, the commissioner and your witnesses,” she says. “They pick a beautiful location out in the middle of the lake, they have the wedding, and then off they mush.”
In the Canmore/Banff area there are several ski mountains to get married on, including Mount Norquay, Sunshine Village, Lake Louise and Nakiska. Kunelius and Compton generally recommend ski weddings for small groups.

Whitewater weddings

Angela Schrempf, local wedding planner and owner of Sweet Occasions, suggests marrying while rafting the Bow River from Banff to Canmore to add a little adventure to your wedding.
The ride doesn’t have to be whitewater, she says, “There are some months where you wouldn’t even get wet.”
She recalls a trip down the river with some friends last summer to illustrate other adventures to be had on the Bow River
“We were rafting down the river and stopped off at one of the many rocky islands with a couple friend. We had just left the raft, and there is a grizzly bear, probably 10 feet tall, standing 10 feet away.”
Needless to say, Schrempf’s party avoided a grizzly encounert and quickly returned to their raft.

Wedding in the sky

If you want something different and adventurous, but aren’t a skier, rafter, hiker or climber, you may consider having a helicopter transport you to your wedding site.
The ride will offer you the most unique and stunning views possible of the Canadian Rockies, and can take you to amazing, secluded locations you’ll never forget.
Jo-anne Kobelt, an assistant manager at Alpine Helicopters, says, “We’ve never had a customer that doesn’t have a look of astonishment on their face once they’re in the air.”
Locations for heli-weddings are limited by environmental guidelines that minimize disturbance to other wilderness users. The wedding party can include the bride, groom, commissioner, photographer and up to eight guests.
If people are looking for a unique and adventurous wedding ceremony, Kobelt says this is it.
“The average bride wants to walk down the aisle with 200 guests, and have five-course reception afterward,” says Kobelt. “This isn’t for her. This is for the girl that wants to put her hiking boots on under her dress and have some fun.”
But, she advises, “Don’t spend too much on your hair, because when you get out of the helicopter, your hair do is done.”

Sled dog's provide a unique way to get married in the Canadian Rockies.

Sled dog's provide a unique way to get married in the Canadian Rockies.

Kobelt points out that a helicopter wedding is less expensive than a traditional wedding. And that, “People say they feel more secure in a helicopter than in an airplane,” she says.

Back to earth

While there may not be a limit on what kind of recreational activity you can be doing while you get married in the Banff and Canmore area of the Canadian Rockies, your choice of recreation may put some limits on the wedding.

In general, weddings on ski slopes, mountaintops, and backcountry trails will have some limits on the number of people you can bring.
Kunelius likes to remind people that they are planning to get married in a high-altitude environment, where weather is subject to quick change.
“For any outdoor event,” Kunelius says, “I ask, “What’s our back up for lousy weather. Plan for the worst, hope for the best.”
For more advice and information on getting married in the Banff and Canmore area, check out our wedding guidelines page.

Luxury weddings in Canmore, Banff and the Canadian Rockies

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Banff and Canmore provide a mountain of luxury for weddings

by Paul Peters Editor

When imagining a wedding in Canmore, Banff National Park, the Canadian Rockies and the rugged wilderness these areas encompass, it’s probably easy to imagine a bare bones, outdoors, simple wedding.

People unaccustomed to the mountains might go so far as to conjure up an image of a hippie bride and groom, bare footed, walking across a meadow while their best man picks “Dust in the Wind,” on a shabby acoustic guitar.

Want luxury? Try getting married in a castle on Lake Louise.

Want luxury? Try getting married in a chateau on Lake Louise.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the simple wedding. It’s just that some people like to go big on their big day and have what we’ve termed a “luxury wedding.” As it turns out, luxury weddings are among the many wedding options Canmore, Banff and the Canadian Rockies offer.

Connie Grace, a wedding planner and owner of Elegant Banff Occasions, has become one of the local experts on putting together luxury weddings.

“We may be in the mountains, but there are so many services still available to a luxury wedding,” she says.
She notes that here in the Canadian Rockies, we have some the worlds best spas, salons, golf courses and ski resorts on hand.

As far as accommodations, “We have everything from luxurious lodges to elaborate castles.”

Yes, castles

Wedding planner Lauren Laming says one of the best places to hold a luxury wedding and reception is on the terrace at the Chateau Lake Louise, also known commonly as the giant, gorgeous castle-like building that sits on the edge of one of the world’s most beautiful lakes.
Laming recommends making reservations for local castles, and other high-end accommodations, at least a year in advance. She imagines a nice luxury wedding may include music, such as Deborah Nyack’s harp playing, and some champagne and chocolates between the ceremony and the reception.
Beforehand, she says the bride and groom may want to check out one of the local spas.
“They have fantastic services,” she says.
These include couples massages, which might be a good way to get out some of the pre-wedding jitters and get relaxed so you can enjoy the big day as much as your guests.

Sailing the seas of luxury

Angela Schrempf, local wedding planner and owner of Sweet Occasions, suggests being married on Lake Minnewanka as an unique luxury wedding.
“It’s such a beautiful way to get married,” she says.
Couples can charter a boat onto the lake with up to 30 guests, with the option of enjoying such luxurious treats as wine and cheese or hors-d’oeuvres and champagne.
Despite its mountainous setting and the area being known for its wildlife population, it is still only 10 minutes from the town of Banff. Unlike higher mountain venues, Lake Minnewanka can offer warmth and beauty even in early fall.
Minnewanka is one of the only lakes on which Parks Canada allows motorized boats, and Sweet Occasions is the only company that can charter weddings on the lake.

Getting around

Connie Grace notes that people sometimes worry that having a wedding way out in the mountains does not mean getting here or away, or having items delivered, is any more difficult.
“Most mountain communities are situated along a major highway,” she says, “providing easy access for such things as lighting delivery, airport shuttle or courier services, etc. It is actually easier than most imagine having special items delivered to their resort.”

Getting Married in Banff and Canmore

Getting your Canmore and Banff, Alberta marriage license

If you’re getting married in Banff National Park or Canmore, you’ll be getting a marriage certificate issued by the province of Alberta. The requirements for getting an Alberta certificate are pretty basic.

Could Banff provide your perfect wedding backdrop?

Could Banff provide your perfect wedding backdrop?

You’ll need $125 and identification such as a passport, birth certificate or driver’s license, the full names of the bride and groom’s parents (maiden name for mothers), and their birthplaces. If either bride or groom have been divorced, a decree absolute is necessary, if widowed, you must have the death certificate of the former spouse.

Once you’ve got your license, you’ll need a marriage commissioner to perform the ceremony and two witnesses over the age of 18 to attend the ceremony. Photographers and videographers are usually happy to act as a witness.

Alberta does not require blood tests or waiting periods before getting married.

Getting married in Banff National Park

Because Banff National Park is public property, the rules are a bit different. The good news: Anyone can get married here, as long as they meet the province of Alberta’s requirements. Parks Canada asks couples to fill out paperwork informing them of the wedding, although there is no penalty for not doing this.

Parks Canada has a few rules you should be aware of while planning your wedding:

  • Do not throw any confetti.
  • You must clean up after your event. Nothing should be left behind.
  • There is no open alcohol allowed.
  • All guests must have a park pass.
  • No gas-powered generators, excessive noise, unruly behavior, loud music or P.A. systems allowed. Quiet music
  • Guests may not disturb or infringe on the park’s natural and cultural resources (ie: no picking or disturbance of flower beds, setting up of chairs or removal of trees or branches).
  • Be bear aware: do not leave any food behind.
  • Groups using shelters should be aware that day use areas and shelters close at 2300 hours (11 pm).
  • The organizer accepts full responsibility for any incidents, and/or costs of clean up or site rehabilitation resulting from the event.
  • The Park Service asks that events be limited to 20 people to minimize impact on the site.
  • No area of the park can be cordoned off for personal use.
  • From instruments such as guitars, flutes or harps is allowed.
Canmore and its surroundings also provide beautiful places for you wedding.

Canmore and its surroundings also provide beautiful sites for your wedding.

Getting to Canmore or Banff

Total travel time depends on where you are coming from, of course. If you’re coming from far away, Calgary International Airport is your best bet for getting here quickly.

Hypothetically, you could arrive at the Calgary International Airport at 9 am, get to the licensing bureau at 11 am and be married at 1 pm.

From the airport, it takes about 1.5 hours to get to either Canmore or Banff. Car rental and shuttle service are available at the airport.

General tips for getting married in the Canadian Rockies

Remember you are in the mountains: the weather here is subject to abrupt change, at any time of the year.

You and your guests should dress in layers and bring extra clothes.

If planning to hold your ceremony or reception outdoors, make sure you have a backup plan in place.

You may want to bring some mosquito repellent, sun block and a little water if you plan to be away from civilization for more than an hour.

If you’ve never been here before, it is probably a good idea to hire a wedding planner. Local planners know the area well, and can make sure your wedding day goes smoothly.
Also, remember this is bear country, and be bear aware.

Parks Canada does require a form to be filled out so that they can be aware of what is going on. Many people conduct their wedding in Banff without notifying Parks Canada. There is not a penalty for doing so.

To avoid any problems with park officials, please avoid:

  • Clean up after your event.
  • Do not throw any confetti or leave anything behind. You must clean up after your event.
  • There is no open alcohol allowed.
  • All guests must have Park’s Pass.
  • No gas-powered generators, excessive noise, unruly behavior, loud music or P.A. systems will be tolerated. Quiet music such as a guitar, flute or harp is allowed.
  • Guests may not disturb or infringe on the park’s natural and cultural resources (ie: no picking or disturbance of flower beds, setting up of chairs or removal of trees or branches)
  • Absolutely do not leave food behind. We have issues with bears.
  • Groups using shelters should be aware that day use areas close at 2300 hours.

The organizer accepts full responsibility for any incidents, and/or costs of clean up or site rehabilitation resulting from the event.

To stay out of any problems with Banff National Park’s officials: Please limit the number of participants/guests attending the ceremony to a maximum of 20 people; and – keep vehicular traffic to a minimum (use car pooling or group transportation).

Banff Weddings Music

Harp Angel – harpist – “Your Wedding Music Specialist”

Harp Music will create a magical musical atmosphere for your wedding. Imagine a harpist in a mountain meadow, castle hall, quaint church, picturesque terrace, mountain resorts, or any of the many beautiful venues found the Canadian Rocky Mountains for your wedding.

You may pick all the music, some of the music or you can just leave it up to the Harp Angel. Please visit our website for information, CDs and samples of wedding harp music.

Harp Angel – Harpist