Dog Sledding

Dogsledding in the Canadian Rockies

Allow the adrenaline to take over as you race through the snowy planes in Kananaskis Country. The trained, happy dogs will take you on a personal tour of the Canadian Rockies backcountry. Book now for the winter dog sledding tours so you don’t miss out on the fun!

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Jasper Vacations Dogsled tours

Take one of the most truly authentic and unique tours of the Canadian Rockies with a dogsled tour. You’ll have the opportunity to drive a powerful team of Canadian Huskies through the amazing Canadian Rockies. A variety of dogsled tours are available, offering delicious food and drinks to keep you warm and a variety of trip lengths through several beautiful parts of the Canadian Rockies.

All tours begin with a 30 minutes of instruction on the sport of dog sledding, so that you’ll learn about safety, dog commands and the fascinating history behind dog sledding in the Canadian Rockies.

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