How to Get From the Airport to Banff

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Car or Shuttle from Airport to the Rockies

Banff National Park, Alberta

It is always exhausting arriving in an unfamiliar airport. You feel like you have already done the hard part by flying through the air for several hours and you forget that the airport is not your final destination. (Unless you are Tom Hanks in a bad movie). All airports are filled with teary-eyed people greeting or saying goodbye to loved and hated ones. Calgary airport is no exception. The only difference is that the loved one you are saying goodbye to happens to be Banff and its protective Rocky mountains. How could you not be a bit upset leaving after visiting some of the most stunning towns in the world, let alone Canada? Banff, Canmore and delightful Jasper are a few of the more popular towns but the choices will leave you with lots of great decisions to make. But how does one get from the airport to some of the best skiing, hiking and biking around? Airport Shuttle or Car?

The sights of Banff National Park are only a short drive away from Calgary Airport.

Rent a Car

If you are used to independence when it comes to your transport, renting a car is a good option. This goes doubly if you have a big family or group of friends. Limousines are also a fun option if you fancy kicking the vacation off in style. Just like any other big airport, there is a host of companies to choose from in the arrivals lounge but have a look at each company’s sites beforehand to see if they have a partnership with the airline you are flying with. As well as saving money, if you are going to be travelling around the Rockies’ towns a bit, then you can go at your own time and pace.

Bus Services

Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise and Jasper are all excellently serviced by shuttles from Calgary airport. Between all the companies, you are never going to be waiting too long for a ride. One option is the Banff Airporter shuttle which leaves at a few different times during the day, dropping you right to the door of your hotel. Jasper Vacations have a fantastic reputation in the Rockies with extremely friendly and experienced staff. As well as providing a shuttle between the airport and the Rockies, Jasper Vacations does tailor-made tourist tours so you can get the most out of your time by putting the experts in charge of transportation.

In busier times, it is good forward thinking to book in advance as the beauty of Banff calls to everyone around the world. There are desks in the airport that can hook you up with a seat before you can say “wow I can see the Rockies!” In Calgary, once you leave the arrivals lounge, you should see each companies’ desks. You will also notice a bunch of very friendly people wearing white hats who are there to welcome you and help you find your feet as soon as you land in Calgary. They are the definition of Canadian hospitality and only too willing to help. The journey to Banff from Calgary Airport is only about 90 minutes and if you are setting up base in Canmore, 20 minutes less again. After sitting on a plane watching the latest Jim Carey “romp” for several hours, it is a pleasure to sit back in the comfortable Jasper Vacations seats as you are shuttled past dominant mountains, sparkling lakes and grazing animals. Welcome to the Canadian Rockies!

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