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Written by Administrator posted on Saturday, January 24th, 2009

Banff, Alberta area & Jasper Ice Walks

Summer isn’t the only time to enjoy the awesome outdoor activities of the Canadian Rockies, and Jasper Vacations provides a great opportunity for getting out with their ice walks.

Explore the Johnston Canyon, walking past the frozen water falls, while following a trail through some of the best wildlife viewing ares in the Canadian Rockies. Walk down the frozen creek bed in the bottom of Grotto Canyon, where you’ll see fascinating rock formations, ancient Aboriginal drawings, and frozen water falls. Explore the beautiful Lake Minnewanka shoreline as you walk to the historic Stewart Canyon Bridge.
Trips include knowledgeable guides, warm hats, mittens and boots, delicious hot chocolate, snacks, and other essential gear.

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The Banff - Jasper Photography Blog

The Banff - Jasper Photography Blog

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