Photo Crasher Squirrel Bluffs Banff, Lake Louise


As much as I love the little critters hanging around in the Lake Louise environs, I have to take issue with one particular squirrel that has become more famous than the Canadian Rockies themselves. The Banff-based Crasher Squirrel, as it has been dubbed in the blogosphere, is poking his furry mug into photos all around the world, from Jasper to Johannesburg.

Since I’m not the most photogenic mountain man out there nor do I get my photo taken very often, I decided to investigate. Then again, it’s not fair that a chip n’ dale wannabe get’s more hits than I do.

After interrogating a few tourists, a bull moose, and a pile of pine nuts, I came up with a theory. The people over at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel say the chipmunk has been jumping in front of still shots for years. Even when the famous Ansel Adams came through the Canadian Rockies, this critter was known to have ruined a dozen rolls of film. Knowing Ansel Adams’ temper, it’s amazing the rascal is still around.

They say that the lil nut-muncher is handsomely paid, as well. It’s no wonder he’s squeaking for joy all the time. Every time he literally shocks a couple of naive tourists into never forgetting their vacation in the Rockies, he makes out like a bandit, not to mention a Hollywood star.

So I’m calling the rodent’s bluff and plan to set up self-timing cameras all over Banff National Park, from Canmore to Minnewanka. You can’t trust a squirrel. Just from light research on the internet, I found the following: “Squirrels are generally clever and persistent animals. In residential neighborhoods, they are notorious for eating out of bird feeders, digging in planting pots and flower beds to pull out bulbs which they chew on or to either bury or recover seeds and nuts and for inhabiting sheltered areas including attics and basements.” In basements for the love of Mother Nature!!!!

So, what do you think? Have we been had by the shrewdest of squirrels? And more importantly, whenever something of this magnitude comes up I just say to myself: WWDS or What Would Darwin Say?

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  1. Steve

    The Banff Crasher squirrel has been caught on video:
    Banff Crasher Squirrel: The Movie

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