Mt. Robson from the east, 1911 or 1913

Today the east face of Mt. Robson is still relatively inaccessible, seen only by a few climbers and hardy backpackers who are willing to circumnavigate the mountain. Mt. Robson is the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies at 3,954m. The first significant attempt to climb Mt. Robson occurred in 1909. Curly Phillips, an Ontario trapper and canoe guide, arrived in the Rockies, and he encountered George Kinney on his way north to attempt a solo ascent of Mt. Robson. Although Phillips had never been on a mountain in his life he joined Kinney and the two did succeed in reaching the summit of Mt. Robson in a whiteout. Credit for the first ascent should have been theirs, but in the whiteout they left their marker somewhat below the summit.

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