Arora Nightclub, Banff – Banff in Blur

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Banff, Alberta

Banff is small. Arora is big. My thoughts were that everybody I know should be in Arora on Sunday night (local’s night). Instead I wandered around like a moose with a bottle of kokanee beer in each hand searching for a home for the excess. Dance floor, beautiful blonde bar woman and hundreds of strangers of Banff fill the eyesight. The queue for people getting their fifteen layers of clothes from the cloakroom backed right onto the dance floor. You’ve got to love the nightlife of Banff.

Dance till you drop in Banff.

Dance till you drop in Banff.

Banff has a reputation when it comes to its nightlife and it never ever disappoints. With the possible exception of Monday’s, every single night is crazy in Banff and every single night is different. Saturday is the night where Calgary locals come to let some steam off in the fresh mountain air of the Canadian Rockies. There is live music somewhere every night and an atmosphere that any big city in the world would kill for.

One of my favourite things about Arora is the little pizza stand. McDonalds is unfortunately open until everything is closed meaning that the temptation to fill up on greasy and unhealthy “food” is often too great. Add to this the fact that it was hovering around the minus 30 degrees mark at midnight and having a slice of pizza with your beer is too hard to pass up. The prices really aren’t too bad for drinks in here either if you stick with the simple stuff. One of the great things about Banff and nightlife is that in the morning, it is simply too cold to suffer too badly from a hangover. By the time you get on the slopes for a ski, all will be clear again!

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