Bargain Booze in Banff – Where to Buy Your Alcohol

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Bargain Booze in Banff

Banff National Park, Alberta.

Yes we do live in times where money is not growing on trees, possibly due to global warming. Sometimes we have to give up some of the luxuries in our lives such as food and water to be able to afford the essentials like extra strength beer. Banff does have some good choices of watering holes to visit but it also has a decent selection of shops that sell fairly priced booze. For the sake of research I visited the two best. For the sake of enjoyment, I purchased some beer from both.

Beer - the cause and solution of all lifes problems.

Beer - the cause and solution of all lifes problems.

Locals Liquor – Downstairs in the Sundance Mall.

This is comfortably my favorite liquor shop in town. It is the cheapest and it has a great variety. The guys that work in the shop are always only too keen to help a fellow beer lover out and they have a big poster of a beautiful woman to sweeten the deal. Chris from Locals Liquor says that: “We don’t have the greatest location (it is fairly well hidden under Banff Avenue) but we do easily have the best prices. We feel that if we take care of the locals, they will take care of us. The most popular thing people buy has got to be Bow Valley Beer or Silver Bullets as they are affectionately known. It is a good tasting, strong beer and only costs about $1 per can which is great value really.” This has long been my local and the first place I recommend to newcomers into Banff.

Liquor Depot

Now, I know I said that Locals Liquor is my favored choice. However, sometimes just like cheating on your girlfriend, you need to look at other options. Sometimes there are better deals out there. You should always shop around to see if there is something that suits you better. This is where Liquor Depot comes in. First of all, it is bloody huge and airy. There is a massive selection and plenty of room to move about to look for your favorites. Anything you can imagine is here. Steph, who has worked here for the last year can’t help but agree that Locals Liquor is the best in town BUT…”We have deals all the time that can sporadically beat the cheaper places. You should always take a look around Liquor Depot before beginning your boozing!”

It is an exhausting job reviewing liquor and beer shops especially when you have to ensure every beer that was purchased is of equal quality. The best of Banff’s bars is coming soon!

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