Fishing Banff and the Rockies

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Go Fish in the Canadian Rockies

Banff National Park, Alberta

Yes I know it is as cold as a naked polar bear and anything other than ice fishing seems outrageous at this time of year but this blog is more about nostalgia and anticipation than the present. Former president of USA George Bush Sr. often used to sneak out of the white house, take a quick flight up to the Rockies and fish his heart away. Not particularly responsible but it is hard to fight some temptations! Simply put, the fishing in the Canadian Rockies is absolutely fantastic. Though the fishing is great, it is everything that surrounds you that seals the deal. Towering snow capped mountains, vivid green vegetation and sparkling blue green water are the trademarks of the Rockies and this will be your surrounds for your stay in Banff.

Fishing the Rockies is a once in a lifetime experience...unless you do it twice.

Fishing the Rockies is a once in a lifetime experience...unless you do it twice.

One company that will guarantee you a great experience is Alpine Anglers. Owned and operated by Don Reilly, Alpine Anglers has been around harassing those poor fish since 1978. The Bow River is the main fishery in the area and its water is beautiful. The fishing season goes from late April to mid October with the three warmest months – June, July and August ideal. In many ways, the weather is unimportant. If it is sunny and calm, then it feels more relaxing but rainy days often see the fish become more active. Who cares if you get wet when you have a bucket full of delicious and freshly caught fish?

Alpine Anglers offer trips all over southern Alberta and not just Banff. Don knows all the best spots scenery wise as well as fish wise. Depending on what you are after, they offer walk and wade, float and wade, drift trips and more. There are some cool custom made trips where you can stay and camp for a few days. If you have spent far too long stuck indoors during the year, this is the perfect antidote. To be honest, doing any activity in the Canadian Rockies is great but for any fishing aficionado or beginner, fishing the Rockies is a must.

Check the weather and conditions with this live Banff web cam.

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