Going to the Movie Theatre in Banff

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Banff, Alberta

If you have had a chance to go through our sites, you may have noticed that there is a practically endless list of things to do around the Canadian Rockies and Banff. In the summer there is hiking, biking, fishing and in the winter you can choose from skiing, boarding and even dog sledding. If you only have a week or so here then it is best to take advantage of as many of these great things as possible but if you get the chance, sometimes it is nice to sit back, relax and take a few hours to take it all in. What better place to do this than in the cinema while watching whatever the latest brainless flick from Hollywood may be.

The Lux Cinema in Banff.

The Lux Cinema in Banff.

Tuesday night is the special night in Banff where you can get yourself a huge box of pop corn, drink and a ticket to the show of your choice. Amongst Banff locals, it is pretty common to take advantage of this deal before heading to the Elk and Oarsman for a pint and $8 steak. The usual trend is that people are always too full to actually do much damage to the delicious steak. The Lux cinema is the theatre of choice in Banff mainly because it is the only theatre in Banff!

Though Banff can be pretty busy at peak times of the year, it is still not New York and it isn’t the biggest theatre in the world. Usually there are around 3 movies showing in any one evening and depending on the movie, there is often a crowd queuing patiently in the cold. If possible, book your tickets early in the day so you can cruise onto Bear street and into the warmth without delay. It is nice escaping the world of special effects and cinematography and then being released back into the world that is equally, if not more beautiful than the pictures.

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