Relaxing in Banff, Alberta

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Banff National Park, Alberta

It has been so cold in Banff and the Rockies in the last week or so that people have been a bit reluctant to head any higher to the slopes. A few colds and man flu’s have made appearances and it has generally been a time for everybody to stay indoors and recharge the batteries, wait for the cold snap to finish and prepare for the next bout of activities. Though there are endless lists of activities to do in the Canadian Rockies, what should you do in a week like this when the body needs a break?

If a monkey can take a spa, then why can't you?!

If a monkey can take a spa, then why can't you?!


These days there exists a type of man called the metrosexual. It is a tag which has perhaps been overused and one that I know upsets my fellow Rockies blogger Mountain Man. What I am getting at is that there is an absolutely world class spa right here in Banff in the Banff Springs Hotel. No, it is no cheap. Yes, it is worth every penny. Whether you just fancy a lazy relaxing day or you are suffering from a cold, this is the cure you have been looking for.

What is there?

I have always been a fan of the simple things – you should see my girlfriend. My favourite thing about this spa is the relaxing pools with a choice of minerals to dip into. I am not sure exactly what these natural minerals do for you but you certainly feel healthy as a mountain goat afterwards. Calming music plays underneath the water so you can float around in complete and utter chilled out mood. There are literally endless lists of treatments to choose from. The man can get a professional shave and the lady can enjoy a relaxing massage. If you are on honeymoon for example, there is a great romantic special to make you feel even more in love. Sounds much like an illegal drug but who am I to talk!

If you are on holiday in Banff and the spirit of the vacation has gotten to you, then this is the choice for you. Splash out and make the most out of it by spending a good long day inside the most luxurious and modern spa for hundreds of miles around. If anyone can tell me what the minerals in the special pool do, I would be much obliged!

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