Great Summer Banff Vacation Itinerary for Families

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Rafting the Kananaskis River is only one of several fun things to do with your family in Banff, Alberta.

BANFF, ALBERTA – Canada – Banff National Park and greater Banff, Alberta are like no other vacation destinations on earth. While its mountain scenery and infinite activities make it great for any traveler, Banff is especially awesome for families–if you have the right strategy in mind.

For those of you with an adventurous family, here is what I would recommend.

1) Raft the Kananaskis River: Raft the Kananskis River and enjoy the endless wilderness beauty of our Canadian Rockies. The Alberta Rafting Alliance has great deals to beat back any economic blues. And although the Kananaskis is not going to be a thrill for true adventure bums, it’s ideal for first timers and those who just want to enjoy the paradise we know as Alberta. Check out out Banff Rafting at for more info.

2) Zip line tours: Zip lining is a rush, and it’s just a short drive from Banff. You can also take a shuttle. The Canadian Rockies outfitters at Banff Travel will shuttle you to base camp for an authentic Canadian Rockies adventure rush.

Check out the Banff zipline for an awesome Canadian Rockies adventure.

3) Banff ATV and Quad Tours: Think about this– You are on a dirt road, going 20 plus miles an hour, open air, looking at the incredible Rocky Mountains of Canada, forgetting about everything else, and here you are on a new Bombardier-powered ATV. Yes, that is friggin’ cool! I love ATV tours and adventures. The same outfitters at Banff Travel who provide Banff National Park area zip line tours also do ATV tours and rides. They will get you a guide or you can do it on your own. It’s more fun to go as group, which means it’s perfect for you and your family. These guys are all about safety and have the best track record in our area.

Get your family on some ATVs for quading in Banff National Park.

Want to see Banff, Canmore and Jasper live? Check out the streaming, user-controlled TV cams at

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