Guided Treks through Jasper National Park

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Hike and trek to the best views in Jasper, Alberta.

Hike and trek to the best views in Jasper, Alberta.

JASPER, Alberta – The expansive Canadian Rockies have some of the best trekking opportunities for outdoors enthusiasts and as a mountain man, I dedicate a lot of my time to exploring every hidden corner. Some of the best treks I have taken in Jasper, Alberta were with the Overlander Trekking Company. Even a solitary mountain man enjoys the company of a knowledgeable and friendly guide while trekking the Canadian Rockies wilderness.

Before I set out on my first trek with Overlander, I spoke with Trevor who recommended some of the more popular hikes and treks in Jasper National Park. According to Trevor, “In summer, the Mount Edith Cavell Mountain trek is a popular trek. The hike is 6 km long with a 350 m elevation gain. You will see the Angel Glacier and the Lake of Forgiveness.” If you want to see Mother Nature in action, the Lake of Forgiveness is an awe-inspiring newly formed glacial lake that brings geology to life right before your eyes.

Overlander treks will also take you on some great winter adventure activities as well. One of my favorite winter treks is the Maligne Canyon Ice Walk where you get to put on some crampons and head off into a frozen winter wonderland.  I always feel much steadier on the ice once I had my trusty crampons secured to the weatherproof boots provided by guides and outfitters. Trevor describes some of the wonders encountered on the route, “This trek takes you across frozen river beds to see frozen free standing waterfalls.”

After a fun day of treking and sightseeing, I always head into Jasper to meet up with some buddies and rehash my adventures. Eventhough I am a mountain man who spends most of his time in the Canadian Rockies widerness, I just never know what kind of surprises – wildlife, crampons, glacial lakes – that I will encounter in Jasper National Park.

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