Live Music in Banff – Where to go?


Live Music in Banff – Where to go?

Banff National Park, Alberta

Beer and live music go together like smarties and popcorn. True, there can be some awful live music where you would sacrifice all that you are to make the noise stop but Banff has a delightful array of excellent choices when it comes to live music. After a day of hiking or biking around Banff National Park drinking in the scenery, you deserve to lay back, let someone else do the work and relax to some great live music.

There is a lot of great live music in Banff.

The Rose and Crown could not be more centrally located if it tried. It is right on the corner of Caribou Street and Banff Avenue and this is well known as the hub for live music. Pretty much every night, there is a live band playing everything from reggae to dirty funk…I don’t really know the difference between funk and dirty funk but it sounds like fun. It is a great pub and is especially cozy in the winter when the fires are lit and you can sit on the comfortable couches watching the snow fall outside.

Bruno’s is another great option. It has a surprisingly good open mike setup where pretty much everyone who gets up plays great music. Thursday’s are better again with regular guitarist Nick Deman playing his set to an always packed crowd. There are drinks specials that make the beer nicely affordable and the set list is always perfectly delivered. There are plenty of other options around Banff such as the Devil’s Gap but Bruno’s on a Thursday must take the prize for best live music in Banff.

Bruno’s Bar and Grill

304 Caribou Street

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