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Best Golf Courses for Wildlife Viewing in the Canadian Rockies

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Liz Behler
Staff Writer

ALBERTA—Canada—Taking a golf vacation in the Canadian Rockies means more than just golfing scenic courses. Golfers here also have the chance to view wildlife, without ever leaving the green. “All golf courses in the Canadian Rockies have the ability to see wildlife,” says Chris Smith, Sales and Operations Manager of Golf Canada’s West, a company that specializes in golf vacations in Alberta and British Columbia. And although no one can guarantee a sighting, “it’s not uncommon to see bears, elk, deer, coyotes and even cougars here,” says Smith.

Smith recommends golfers bring along a camera and keep an eye on the sky. “There’s just as much wildlife flying around in the sky as there is walking on the ground,” he says. Worried wildlife might interfere with your game? “If a squirrel takes your ball, there isn’t a stroke penalty.”

So, grab your clubs, bring your binoculars and don’t forget your camera. We’ve combed the contenders and narrowed down our list to the three best golf courses for viewing wildlife in the Canadian Rockies.

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge in Jasper, AB

1. Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge in Jasper, Alberta

Located in scenic Jasper National Park, the fairways at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge are carved from thick mountain forest. Snow-capped peaks and glacial lakes are the backdrop for this course, which runs through a wildlife corridor featuring caribou, elk, bears and wolves. Golfers who rise with the sun are rewarded with the sounds of loons calling from nearby Beauvert Lake.



Kananaskis Country Golf Club in Kananaskis, AB

2. Kananaskis Country Golf Course in Kananaskis, Alberta

Nestled among boreal forest in the Kananaskis Valley, Kananaskis Country Golf course affords golfers a scenic game with ample wildlife viewing opportunities. Kananaskis is comprised of two 18-hole championship courses, Mount Lorette and Mount Kidd, named for the soaring limestone peaks that serve as their backdrop. Head to Mt. Kidd’s fourth hole, where grizzly bears have been seen wading across the Kananaskis River and peacefully wandering on the right side of the hole.


Silvertip Golf Resort in Canmore, Alberta

3. Slivertip Golf Resort in Canmore, Alberta

Standing at the edge of an untouched wilderness reserve only 20 minutes from Banff National Park, Silvertip covers 600 acres of peaks, valleys and grasslands on the benchlands of Mount Lady MacDonald. Certified as an “Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary,” this course borders two wildlife corridors. Guests here are regularly rewarded with viewing native Canadian Rockies wildlife, such as coyotes, elk, deer, fox, black bears and grizzly bears.

Looking for more of the best things to do on your Canadian Rockies vacation?

Don’t pack up your golf clubs as soon as you’re finished on the fairway. There’s plenty more to do during your stay in the Canadian Rockies. Visit Banff National Park or Jasper National Park, raft the Kicking Horse River, or feel the rush on a zipline tour. For more activities in the Canadian Rockies, check out Banff Travel or Jasper Vacations.

Best Golf Courses in Alberta and BC for Newbies

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Liz Behler
Staff Writer

ALBERTA AND BC—Canada—You’ve had the lessons, spent time practicing and know about proper stance and posture. But as a golf newbie, you know you have some more work to do before you book a tee time at Pebble Beach. “Your first experiences have to be positive,” says K. Gordon Schultz, President of Golf Canada’s West, a company that specializes in golf vacations in Alberta and British Columbia. “You don’t want to start on challenging courses. The game is tough enough as it is.”

All courses welcome newbies, but Schultz warns there are certain considerations every new player should think about before choosing a golf course. “As a newbie, you’re looking for courses that don’t have a lot of elevation changes, that have relatively flat lies, and have traditional designs with no hidden hazards,” he says. “You want to keep the ultimate challenge down.”

With these guidelines in mind, here are three of the best golf courses in Alberta and BC for newbies.

Whistler Golf Course in Whistler, BC

1. Whistler Golf Club in Whistler, BC

The oldest golf course in Whistler, Whistler Golf Club is a par 72 course that was designed by Arnold Palmer. “Whistler is a traditional risk/reward course with no hidden hazards,” says Schultz “which makes it great for newbies.” Fir trees, snowcapped peaks, gentle mountain streams and lakes add to the ambiance, making this an enjoyable course for any golfer, newbie or not.



Harvest Golf Club in Kelowna, BC

2. Harvest Golf Club in Kelowna, BC

Designed by acclaimed architect Graham Cooke, Harvest Golf Club is a championship-length golf course of traditional design. “None of the hazards on this course are hidden,” says Schultz, making it one of the best golf courses in BC for newbies. The recommended pace of play here is 4:15, which Schultz admits can be daunting for golfers without a lot of experience. “Think about what club you’re going to pick and be ready to hit the ball when it’s your turn,” he advises. “Be cognizant of the group behind you, and try to keep up with the group in front of you.”



Canmore Golf and Curling Club in Canmore, AB

3. Canmore Golf and Curling Club in Canmore, Alberta

Pristine greens bordered by snowcapped mountains make Canmore Golf and Curling Club one of the top destinations for a golf vacation in the Canadian Rockies, but its classical design is what makes it a draw for newbies. “This is a tight, tree-lined course that challenges all players,” says Schultz. “It’s classically designed, and a lot of fun to play.”

Looking for more of the best things to do on your Canadian Rockies vacation?

Don’t pack up your golf clubs as soon as you’re finished on the fairway. There’s plenty more to do during your stay in the Canadian Rockies. Visit Banff National Park or Jasper National Park, raft the Kicking Horse River, or feel the rush on a zipline tour. For more activities in the Canadian Rockies, check out Banff Travel or Jasper Vacations. Eager to get on the whitewater? Visit for more information about whitewater rafting in the Canadian Rockies.

Most Scenic Golf Courses in Alberta and BC

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Silvertip Golf Resort

Liz Behler
Staff Writer

ALBERTA AND BC—CANADA—You’ve been thinking of a getaway to the green, but you’re interested in more than just a challenging game. Known for its scenic natural beauty, Western Canada is the prescription for those sick of golfing humdrum holes. To help us cull our list, and provide some pointers, we caught up with K. Gordon Schultz, golf enthusiast and President of Golf Canada’s West, a company that specializes in golf vacations in Alberta and British Columbia.

“I always encourage people to take a camera,” says Schultz, who knows golfing can sometimes provide some serious photo ops. Schultz recommends golfers have someone take their photo at tee off, but warns not to be too quick to replace that lense cap. “No one can guarantee seeing wildlife, but don’t be surprised to see elk, deer or other animals on some of these courses,” he says. Packing your camera? Schultz encourages visitors and clients to post their pictures to the Golf Canada’s West Facebook page.

Here, three of the best golf courses in Canada’s west when it comes to heart-stopping scenery.

Silvertip Golf Resort

Silvertip Golf Resort in Canmore, Alberta

1. Slivertip Golf Resort in Canmore, Alberta

Golfers visiting the Canadian Rockies shouldn’t miss this scenic Les Furber-designed course. Standing at the edge of an untouched wilderness reserve only 20 minutes from Banff National Park, Silvertip covers 600 acres of peaks, valleys and grasslands on the benchlands of Mount Lady MacDonald. “There are tremendous elevation changes from the tee box to the green and the views are unbelievable,” says Schultz. “From hole 13, you see the Three Sisters,” he says, referring to a trio of mountain peaks that dominate the skyline around Canmore. “You feel like you can just reach out and touch them.”

Greywolf Golf Course in Panorama, BC

2. Greywolf Golf Course in Panorama, BC

Winding along the Toby Creek Canyon, Greywolf Golf Course in Panorama, BC is a scenic spot to golf the Canadian Rockies. Here, greens cling to cliff tops and nearly every hole boasts views of granite massifs. Add in the almost 500 feet of elevation change on the course, pristine bentgrass fairways and water on 14 holes, and it’s easy to see why Greywolf is one of the most beautiful courses for a golf vacation in BC. “This course takes advantage of the narrow terrain of the valley and has terrific vantage points,” says Schultz. “You’ll definately want to bring your camera.”

Most Scenic Golf Courses in the Canadian Rockies

Bear Mountain Resort near Victoria, BC

3. Mountain Course at Bear Mountain near Victoria, BC 

Located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Bear Mountain was named after golf great Jack Nicklaus—aka “The Golden Bear”—who co-designed the Mountain Course with his son, Steve. The course is set in the foothills of Mount Finlayson, near downtown Victoria, and is carved from rugged terrain, providing impressive elevation changes. Overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca, golfing Bear Mountain affords panoramic mountain, ocean and city views. “It’s spectacular golfing that close to the coast,” says Schultz.

Any courses you think we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

Looking for more of the best things to do on your Canadian Rockies vacation?

Don’t pack up your golf clubs as soon as you’re finished on the fairway. There’s plenty more to do during your stay in the Canadian Rockies. Visit Banff National Park or Jasper National Park, raft the Kicking Horse River, or feel the rush on a zipline tour. For more activities in the Canadian Rockies, check out Banff Travel or Jasper Vacations. Eager to get on the whitewater? Visit for more information about whitewater rafting in the Canadian Rockies.

Canadian Rockies Golfing Vacations Offer Challenges and Memories

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From Jasper, Alberta to Whistler, BC, Canadian Rockies golfing gives you a vacation filled with beautiful scenery and challenging courses.

ALBERTA and BRITISH COLUMBIA—Canada—A Canadian Rockies golf vacation could very well be the most memorable holiday you’ll ever take! The Canadian Rockies truly are one of the top natural wonders of the world, internationally renowned for the stunning scenery, the sparklingly clean air, and the quiet of unspoiled wilderness. This is as close as it gets to paradise on earth.

“Two truly stunning golf courses! Both are close to 100 yrs old and are both still a challenging test of golf. Playing one round just never seems to be enough!”
-Hailey Halverson, Vancouver, BC

Rocky Mountain Scenery Provides Backdrop to Golfing Vacation

Snow-gilded mountain peaks, gem-like lakes, lush green river valleys and wide blue western skies are almost scenery clichés, but on your Canadian Rockies golf vacation this is reality. Golfers from around the world come to just stand and stare at one of nature’s crowning achievements. The fact that you’ll be playing golf in such a fabulous setting is just the icing on the cake. Of course, the numerous world-class golf courses in the area take full advantage of their gorgeous settings.

Verdant fairways weave themselves around glacier-fed streams and towering stands of evergreens, and often the greens themselves are back-dropped by achingly beautiful vistas. If there is a heaven, surely it must look like this! In such circumstances, it can be very difficult to concentrate on your golf game.

Golfing Options in the Canadian Rockies

There are a wide variety of golf courses to choose from, all of them fabulous in their own unique way. Stanley Thompson, Canada’s master golf architect, designed the Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Course in 1928. He sensitively incorporated the natural scenic splendour into his design. The course winds along beside the pristine wilderness of the Bow River overlooked by the snow-capped peaks of Sulphur Mountain and Mount Rundle. This amazing course will both challenge and delight you.

SCOREGolf Magazine rates the Jasper Park Lodge Golf Club as the #1 Best Golf Resort in Canada with good reason. Designed in the 1920’s by Stanley Thompson, few golf courses in the world can match the rugged majesty of this national treasure. The design features wide fairways carved through thick forest, dramatic bunkering and holes aligned with distant mountain vistas. It presents a cunning blend of beautiful landscapes and challenging terrain.

Things To Do in the Canadian Rockies

Of course, a Canadian Rockies golf vacation would be incomplete without luxurious accommodations, fine dining, unique shopping experiences and pampering spas. Fortunately, resorts like Banff and Jasper in the Canadian Rockies have been offering these amenities for well over a century, all in a unique manner. Hedonistic luxury in the heart of spectacular unspoiled wilderness is now a Canadian Rockies tradition.

For all your Rocky Mountain travel needs, be sure to visit and, and for great information and planning advice to make the most out of your time in the Rocky Mountains.

Canadian Rockies Golf in Jasper and Banff

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Jasper, Alberta and Banff, Alberta offer great examples of golfing in the Canadian Rockies--a unique blend of challenging courses and beautiful scenery.

JASPER and BANFF, ALBERTA-Canada-Trying to understand what a vacation or lifestyle destination is like from the outside looking in can be difficult. And informed decisions can mean the difference between wishing for a great getaway experience and ensuring one.

A consortium of six golf-and-resort lifestyle properties in Alberta, Canada understand this and have banded together to offer as fine a collection as perhaps exists in North America. And they’ve helped prospective visitors better understand what they offer through their brand tagline – “Canadian Rockies Golf: Historic. Dramatic. Untamed.”

“This wasn’t our first trip to the Canadian Rockies to golf, but it was the first time we played the Canmore Golf & Curling Club. What an absolute gem! We had a wonderful time playing with two local members who helped make sure we enjoyed ourselves. After the round, they invited us to join them on the patio for a bite to eat and a drink. You’d have thought we were long lost family with how beautifully we were treated. What a wonder it was voted the best patio in town” Kay and Ken D, Sacramento, CA

Here are the precise reasons why each of these descriptive words were selected by this group, which includes Stewart Creek Golf and Country Club, The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, Kananaskis Country Golf Course, Canmore Golf & Curling Club, Silvertip Resort, and The Fairmont Banff Springs.

Golfing in the Canadian Rockies is Historic

With two revered, classical era golf course designs by Stanley Thompson – at Banff Springs and Jasper Park – two Robert Trent Jones Sr. masterpieces at Kananaskis Country Golf Course, and The Fairmont Banff Springs – which is styled after a Scottish baronial castle and built in the late 19th Century – the destination is a tribute to elegant, timeless designs from a bygone era. Yet it offers all the modern conveniences and amenities, but without overdevelopment thanks to being located in either federal parks (the two Fairmont resorts) or an idyllic, rural oasis (Kananaskis Country).

The Fairmont Banff Springs is a 1st Class resort with 1st Class services and amenities.  Had a fantastic time.  Thank you all very much! – Brian M. -LENEXA, KS.

Alberta Golfing is Dramatic

All six of the courses in the area – with a combined 135 holes and an additional new 18 soon to arrive along side Stewart Creek – are decorated by towering, majestic mountain peaks which are so close they seem within arm’s reach. Distraction by natural wonder is a distinct reality when playing golf in the Canadian Rockies. Silvertip and Stewart Creek not only offer great drama in their course designs, which wind up and down and around the stunning terrain, but also are preferred sites for weddings and corporate retreats. They also are popular vacation- and/or second-home destinations, thanks to the aforementioned scintillating vistas and locations of the resorts, combined with their many upscale amenities.

The Beauty of the Canadian Rockies is Untamed

Thanks to the thousands upon thousands of protected acres which fall under the national parks and which are the core of the Canadian Rockies golf and resort lifestyle experience, wildlife proliferates. It is common to see 800-pound elk with massive racks atop their head meandering throughout the area, including occasionally asking to play through. Jasper Park is particularly graced with an abundance of animals throughout the park. There’s a reason they call it “the wild side of the Rockies”, and bear, coyote, cougars, and a wide variety of birds including eagles are regularly sighted. Furthermore, virtually all of the Canadian Rockies consortium golf courses are honored members of the Audubon Sanctuary program which promotes and recognizes properties which employ best environmental practices.

Nature and golf are only a couple of the many acclaimed attractions offered in the Canadian Rockies (the golf courses are routinely bestowed with best-of accolades). Other amenities include Banff Springs’ Willow Stream Spa, which is 38,000 square feet of award-winning opulence and myriad soul-soothing services. Or Jasper Park is the perfect resort choice for families or corporate retreats thanks to a plethora of standalone accommodation choices including luxury cabins with casually elegant common areas and full kitchens combined with individual, hotel-style rooms for privacy.

Canmore Golf & Curling Club is a delightful club with a vibe like that of the TV sitcom “Cheers,” where everybody knows your name and you’re welcomed like an old friend. Golf course architect Les Furber, who also designed Silvertip Resort, is a member. How many courses can you play where the course is constantly being tweaked by a talented, well-regarded design expert?

Combine the spectacular scenery and summer daylight as late as 11:00 p.m. and golfers can play to their heart’s delight and still have time for family and the region’s many other activities. These include helicopter tours, hiking, fishing, rafting, gourmet restaurants, indoor and outdoor pools, horseback riding, and many children’s programs.

This area – host to the 1988 Olympic Games in Alberta – has long been known to avid travelers and winter-sport aficionados for its awe-inspiring terrain and jaw-dropping scenery. Winter activities run the gamut from skiing, ice climbing, dog-sledding, snowshoeing, ice fishing, horse-drawn carriage rides, hockey, ice-skating and much more.

For icing on the cake all of the properties are close to one another – from 5 to 45 minutes – except Jasper Park. It’s a three-hour drive from Banff Springs, but such a description would be decried by many. Traversed along the Icefields Parkway, many consider this mind-blowing drive among the world’s most scintillating, thanks to the panoramic, otherworldly natural environs, which include glaciers, pine forests blanketing craggy slopes, and everpresent snow-capped peaks which can rise as high as 12,000 feet from the roughly mile-high base on which most of the area sits.

To view the stunning topography, vacation options and learn more about the area visit Website visitors can view stay-and-play packages or request custom quotes for trips and packages.

And for all your Canadian Rockies travel needs, be sure to check out and, which offer great information and planning advice to make the most out of your time in the Rocky Mountains.

My son and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our stay and play at The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge (the crown jewel of the Rocky mountains) and Chris and Gord @ Golf Canada’s West were awesome to deal with. We’ll be calling you again for sure-many thanks. – Pat M. – EDMONTON, AB.

The critical acclaim and unique attributes of the six golf properties which comprise “Canadian Rockies Golf: Historic, Dramatic Untamed” include:

Stewart Creek Golf & Country Club– 877.993.GOLF

-Golf Digest rated 4 ½ stars
-Surrounded by the spellbinding Three Sisters Mountains, practically close enough to touch during play
-Audubon-certified course preserves habitat for plentiful wildlife

The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge – 866.540.4454

-Featuring the “wild side of the Rockies” – elk, caribou, coyote, bear,and wolves inhabit the national park
-Widely regaled as one of the world’s best resort courses
-Designed by Stanley Thompson, the 18 holes carve contours at the feet of mountains

Kananaskis Country Golf Course -877.591.2525

-Robert Trent Jones Sr. designed courses are islolated, nestled in rural countryside
-36 holes played beneath breathtaking Mt. Lorette and Mt. Kidd, after which the courses are respectively named
-Features immaculate lush fairways, famed island-like 4th green on Mt. Kidd course, 140+ silica sand bunkers and the cascading Kananaskis River

Canmore Golf and Curling Club – 888.678.4785

-Valley-based property requires players use all clubs in their bag, narrow fairways challenge all levels of golfers
-Tree-lined course, friendly community atmosphere provides intimacy and camaraderie
-Located at base of Bow Valley, glacier-fed streams lace through course

Silvertip Golf Resort – 877.877.5444

-Home course of PGA Tour Member and 2006 Players Champion Stephen Ames
-Golf Digest rated 4 ½ stars and lauded for environmental sensitivity and maintenance practices
-600 feet of elevation change, including dramatic par-4 18th with extreme altitude drop from tee to fairway, fairway to green

The Fairmont Banff Springs
– 866.840.8402

-Historical course and castle-like hotel with regal ambiance, award-winning Willow Stream Spa and exquisite resort amenities
-27 holes of golf – 18 Stanley Thompson-designed holes including the 200-yard, par-3 Devil’s Cauldron, 147 bunkers, and the 9-hole Tunnel Course
-Panoramic beauty, picturesque-mountain setting nestled between Sulphur Mountain and Mount Rundle

Golf the Canadian Rockies on a Unique Golf & Rail Adventure

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The Rocky Mountaineer rail tour provides an intimate look at the majesty of the Canadian Rockies, while transporting you to some of the best golfing locations in Canada.CANADA-For a unique and truly unforgettable golfing experience, a golf rail vacation package combining golf at a variety of stunningly scenic golf courses and a two-day rail tour through the incredible Canadian Rockies can’t be beat.

Combining a Rail Trip and Golf Vacation in the Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies have long been recognized as one of the true natural wonders of the world. For over one hundred years, tourists have come to the Canadian Rockies to marvel at the incredible scenery and luxuriate in the peace and quiet of one of the most beautiful and unspoilt wilderness areas on Earth. The towering snow-capped mountains, cobalt blue skies, sparkling-clear glacier-fed rivers and hushed, green forests are the reality of the Canadian Rockies.
Even better, the Canadian Rockies also feature some of the most challenging and enjoyable golf courses in the world. Imagine playing on a classic championship golf course near the attractive resort towns of Jasper or Banff, designed by Canada’s master golf course architect, Stanley Thompson. Take in the Kananaskis Country Golf Courses, Mt. Kidd and Mt. Lorette designed by Robert Trent Jones, Sr. And the most recent additions to golf in the Canadian Rockies, SilverTip Golf Resort a Les Furber design and the Gary Browning creation at the Stewart Creek Golf & Country Club. Each classic course is an intriguing blend of beautiful landscapes and challenging terrain.

Seeing the Canadian Rockies Through the Rocky Mountaineer Railtour

Then, with our exclusive golf rail vacation package, after enjoying luxurious accommodation, fine dining and unique shopping opportunities, boarding the Rocky Mountaineer Railtour for the ultimate train travel experience. The Rocky Mountaineer is a unique two-day journey through some of the world’s most spectacular scenery.

Every guest is assured of the best of Canadian hospitality and service as the luxurious train weaves it’s way along historic rail routes. The landscape and history is brought to life by knowledgeable onboard commentary- and by the glimpses of bears, moose and eagles.

Traveling to Whistler and Other Rocky Mountain Tourist Destinations

Disembarking on the west coast, the traveler is greeted by the cosmopolitan attractions of Vancouver and the 2010 Olympic village of Whistler, British Columbia. Whistler, long famous as one of the very best ski resorts in North America, is quickly becoming popular as a destination golf resort as well. World-class accommodations, excellent restaurants and beautiful mountain scenery are complemented by several fine golf courses. Designs by Jack Nicklaus (Nicklaus North Golf Course), Robert Trent Jones Jr. (Chateau Whistler Golf Club), Arnold Palmer (Whistler Golf Club), and Robert Cupp (Big Sky Golf & Country Club), each course has its own special character and challenges. Again, as in the Canadian Rockies, the scenery, fresh air and general laid-back friendliness are provided free of charge!

For all your Canadian Rockies travel needs, be sure to visit and, and get a free copy of the helpful guides and BC maps provided by the official tourism authorities of Vancouver and British Columbia. If you want to expand your Canadian Rockies vacation, and offer great information and planning advice to make the most out of your time in the Rocky Mountains.

Okanagan Golf Vacation Offers Sunny Skies and Plentiful Activities

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Golfing in the Okanagan Valley offers challenging courses, great weather and plenty of activities in British Columbia.

OKANAGAN, BRITISH COLUMBIA–Canada–The Okanagan Valley is Canada’s sunniest spot for a golf vacation. Nestled in a scenic mountain valley beside the cobalt waters of 80-mile long Okanagan Lake, the Okanagan Valleyhas one of the longest golfing seasons in Canada. The area is blessed with a Mediterranean-like climate of warm and sunny summers, bracketed by the more temperate, but still sunny, spring and fall seasons. Even on the warmest of days, there is often the welcome moderating effect of a lake breeze.

“Kelowna and the greater Okanagan area is a great destination for a golf vacation. On a seven day golf vacation, you can play a different course every morning and hit a different winery each afternoon. How good is that!”
-Scott Sutherland, Edmondton, Alberta

Enjoy Great Weather in Okanagan, British Columbia

This happy climate nurtures many thriving orchards and vineyards. The verdant greenery, cascading down the hillsides to the sandy lakeside beaches, makes a wonderful man-made contribution to the incredible natural beauty of the area. The stunning mountain, lake and desert terrain, coupled with fresh, clean air, warm sunshine and world-class golf courses encourages a leisurely, unhurried lifestyle… making the Okanagan a prime for golf vacation!

Wineries in the Okanagan Valley

The growing number of high quality wineries in the area has led to a flourishing regional wine scene. This, together with the abundance of fresh locally grown organic produce, has led many award-winning chefs to settle in the area. The delicious result is innovative cuisine that pairs well with delectable regional wines. Why not follow a golf game in the morning with a relaxing, all-inclusive afternoon vineyard tour? Transportation, wine sampling, winery tours and an evening dinner at a winery restaurant are all provided for you- all you have to do is sit back and enjoy! What better way to cap a day on the golf course than to dine al fresco in a winery restaurant surrounded by sun-warmed vineyards?

Golfing Options in the Canadian Rockies

The championship golf courses themselves are world-class; designed by renowned names such as Les Furber and Jack Nicklaus’ Golden Bear Design. Whatever type of golfing you choose, a challenging championship course or a couples-friendly resort-type game, the Okanagan is a golf vacation paradise! With a golf courses to suit every mood, the beautiful Okanagan Valley scenery and cheerful service is provided for free at every location!

Things to do in British Columbia, Canada

Need some time away from the golf course? The picturesque lakeside town of Kelowna is the center of your Okanagan stay and offers many unique shopping, entertainment and dining experiences. As a popular retirement center, Kelowna has a friendly, unrushed feel to it, while still providing many of the desirable amenities of a bigger city. The town’s revitalized and compact Cultural District provides art galleries, concert halls, movie theaters and sporting facilities, all within a short stroll of the popular lakeside promenade.

For all your BC travel needs, be sure to visit and, and get a free copy of the helpful guides and BC maps provided by the official tourism authorities of Vancouver and British Columbia. If you want to expand your Canadian Rockies vacation, and offer great information and planning advice to make the most out of your time in the Rocky Mountains.

Whistler Golf Vacation Provides Great Golf in a Picturesque Setting

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Golfing in Whistler, British Columbia offers a perfect combination of great golf and the beauty of the Canadian Rockies.

WHISTLER, BRITISH COLUMBIA-Canada-Whether you’re looking for a golf vacation filled with challenging courses or a laid back miniature golfing route, Whistler, British Columbia offers the perfect blend of great golf against a backdrop of beautiful Canadian Rockies scenery.

Whistler has been blessed with a setting of such outstanding natural beauty that even a game of mini-golf here would be one of the most memorable games of your life. Towering snow-capped mountains, shimmering mountain lakes, sparkling creeks, pure cobalt skies – everywhere you look there is a kind of pure and pristine natural beauty that is becoming rarer. Just being in such a setting is therapy for the soul, so imagine how amazing your golfing vacation will be!

“One of the best golf vacations I have ever taken! Fantastic golf courses. It was hard to believe that each of these courses are in such close proximity to each other yet play so differently. We were even fortunate to see a bear while playing the Whistler Golf Club. Huge highlight! We’ll be back.”

-Jim Bananola, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Golfing Options in British Columbia, Canada
Fortunately, Whistler golf vacations are as fabulous as the scenery. You have your choice of four top-rated, award-winning courses within minutes of Whistler Village. Designed by such luminaries as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Robert Cupp, and Robert Trent Jones Jr., each course has its own unique character, not to mention challenges.

Things to do in Whistler, British Columbia

Whistler was the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics and as such is a world-renowned ski resort with accordingly world-class amenities. Whistler Village itself has a compact, pedestrian-only town center, where luxurious hotels offering elegantly sumptuous accommodation are complimented by many fine restaurants. With a choice of over 90 dining places, all with-in easy strolling distance, you’re sure to find a dining experience to suit your tastes. After dinner, you will find a diversity of entertainment options such as nightclubs, piano bars, live theatre, cinema, or art galleries. Whistler has something for everybody.

Other off-course essentials like shopping and pampering are also well looked after. There is a wide range of shops and boutiques- whether you desire high fashion apparel, jewelry, unique native art, or even golf equipment, you’ll find it somewhere in Whistler Village.

Spas are becoming increasingly popular with both sexes, and with over twenty spas, Whistler has one to suit every taste. Everything from aromatherapy to yoga is readily available. Some spas even offer a ‘couples packages’, so you can relax and unwind together after a hard day on the golf course.

The best part about a Whistler golf vacation is the overall friendly, laid-back ambiance of the place. The service is still comprehensive and efficient, but delivered in an unobtrusively friendly manner by people who care. It must be that the spectacular scenery, the crisp mountain air and the pure water have a soothing effect on everyone. While planning your Whistler golf vacation, check out

For all your BC travel needs, be sure to visit and, and get a free copy of the helpful guides and BC maps provided by the official tourism authorities of Vancouver and British Columbia.

Golfing the Canadian Rockies – Stewart Creek Golf Course

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Golfing the Canadian Rockies – Stewart Creek Golf Course

Banff National Park, Alberta

Can you picture a better location in the world than the Canadian Rockies to play a relaxing round of golf? There is no such thing as a bad golf course up here and with some of the world’s finest hotels and scenery surrounding the course; you are guaranteed to have an incredible vacation. Stewart Creek Golf Course is an example of a golfer’s paradise on earth. Elk strutting around on manicured greens, beautiful country club flashing in the distance, a waving flag flickering against the backdrop of the Canadian Rockies. Screw the American dream – this is the Canadian dream!

The Canadian Rockies is the perfect backdrop for a great round of golf.

From the first hole where you are welcomed with a ‘Beware of Bears’ sign, you know that you are in for a unique round of golf. The course architect Gary Browning set out to sculpt the rugged landscape into layered fairways and subtly sloped greens all surrounded by threatening but pristine forest. There are 35 bunkers strategically placed around gushing streams, crystal clear lakes, restored mine entrances and rocky outcrops. As well as being thoroughly enjoyable to play, it is also challenging.

The course is quite pricey but you can save money by booking into one of the cheap but beautiful hotels in nearby Canmore. Besides, it is more than just a round of golf; it is a trip through the history of Canmore, it is a wildlife walk where you are likely to see anything from a coyote to a mule deer. As far as golf resorts and vacations go, a trip to the Canadian Rockies and Stewart Creek Golf Course promises to be one of the best you will ever have!

4100 Stewart Creek Drive
Canmore, AB T1W 2V3
(403) 609-6099