Watching Sports in Banff

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Banff, Alberta

Canada is a country that loves its sports and Banff is no different. Baseball, hockey and football dominate the screens 24/7 around this town. However many people have asked me if is there any place that caters to the international visitor. Is there a place where people can watch premiership football or a few international rugby matches? Yes! There are a couple of places around town such as St. James Gate that will screen foreign games but for me, easily the best choice is the Pump & Tap English themed bar downstairs in the Sundance Mall.

The Pump and Tap bends over backwards to entertain you.

The Pump and Tap bends over backwards to entertain you.

As a man who has traveled the world asking in many different languages if a certain game will be played in a certain place, I understand the frustration of people who simply want to sit down with a beer and watch their team play. This is why the Pump & Tap is one of Banff’s well hidden gems. It puts up a sign every week about what games will be played at exactly what time and it always follows through with its promises. Now, I want to make sure I am preaching to the right crowd. This place is not particularly clean, well lit or fancy. BUT it does have the cheapest drinks in town, free pool all day and a limitless supply of sport. Come to think of it, I guess I am just preaching to men!

If you are looking for a fancy restaurant or even a nice bar to have a drink in Banff, there is a huge list of choices. However if you fancy drinking a beer without feeling guilty about the prices, having a game of pool and then enjoying a few soccer matches on the big screen, then the Pump and Tap is the place for you. If you need a reason to get away for the afternoon, please feel free to pass on the link to Banff shopping to significant others so everyone can enjoy the afternoon!

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