Heli Hiking – Banff, Alberta (Canada)

Banff Heli Hiking

If you’re looking to get out into the real backcountry of the Canadian Rockies, you’ll want to book an Alpine Heli-Hike.

Their Heli-Hike’s offer a 15-minute scenic helicopter ride to a beautiful, wild area high above the Bow River Valley. From there, you’ll get 3 to 4 hours of hiking. Pace and distance of the hike is tailored to the group’s abilities.

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You can also book a 25-minute ride, which takes you magnificent over mountain ranges and drops you off on Mount Charles Stewart, where your the hike of a lifetime awaits. The hike, led by a top guide takes you through scenic alpine meadows and ridges, offering stunning landscapes, and beautiful flower-filled meadows. Once again, distance and pace are adjusted for each group.

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