Books about the Canadian Rockies

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Banff National Park, Alberta

If you have been a good Canadian Rockies addict, you will probably already know everything there is to know about this great mountain range and the towns that choose them to call home. Furthermore this blog should be plenty good enough for you! However, if you are looking for the best books to plan your vacation down to the final detail or even if you just want to know a bit more about Banff, here is a selection of what I consider to be the best.

Get all the Grizzly facts about the Canadian Rockies.

Get all the Grizzly facts about the Canadian Rockies.

The Lonely Planet – Banff, Jasper & Glacier

It’s an obvious choice I realize but it is also one of the best options to get as much information as possible about the title towns. It has everything from hikes to where to do your laundry. The information is extremely up to date and it is a really easy book to get through.

Don’t waste your time in the Canadian Rockies by Kathy and Craig Copeland

I never thought I would type the words of the title about the inanimate love of my life. The title was the reason I indignantly picked up this book but I quickly realized that it was just a tricky ploy by the authors. This is actually a really well informed and brilliantly written book about how to make the most of your time when hiking in the Rockies. I don’t want to sound like a three year old here but the colour pictures are also really pretty.

Grizzly Country – Andy Russell

For the wildlife lovers out there, they want to know what lies off the beaten track. In Grizzly Country, naturalist and photographer Andy Russell shares facts and stories about the lifetime he has spent around bears. It is written with passion and is a great way to get into the spirit of the Rockies.

The Sibley Field Guides

If you want a book that covers everything under one rain proof cover, then let this be the winner. Birds, animals, trees, plants and humans are all put under the microscope here. There are illustrations and beautiful photos to help you identify different species.

After you have visited the Canadian Rockies, you will feel inclined to write your own book about your experiences. It is the kind of place that leaves a lasting impression in your mind and the more you know about the places you visit and the things you see, the better it will be.

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